Morning everybody,I realise so far I am one of the lucky ones,had a low grade cancerous tumour removed last August and follow up all clear,so good news.HOWEVER!! It's getting more frustrating having an uninterrupted sleep.I am aged 59 so don't know if it's because Im an old bugger or the aftermath of the bladder cancer but up 3/4 times a night for a wee.Im careful not to drink to much on an evening before bed but I can be up after an hour or so of going to bed then more visits to loo during the night.Is this common??Is this how it's gonna be now??Very tiring indeed!!!

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  • Sorry can't help...I'm lucky have bladder removed so have bag so no interrupted sleep...I know how you feel as was going for a pee every 5 mins before op...hope things ease for you

  • I'd personally go and have a chat with my/your GP; I go about twice a night but on occasions it is more but.....I do drink a lot of tea and coffee during the day.

  • sorry not much help my husband was up a lot in night for toilet had a high grade tumour on bladder had it removed with prostate as stoma bag now age 69

  • Hmmm..... I have always got up 2 - 3 times a night for a wee and that was pre bladder cancer. Sadly, I think it may just be part of being an old Bugger! Good luck and good to hear you are all clear!

  • Hi yes it drives me mad, I'm up two or three times. And I'm an old bugger at 60. I would get it checked out just in case it can't do any harm asking your doctor.

  • This is quite normality am 57 had same problem however I've now had Bladder removed on 16th may this year as the cancer had returned more aggressively

  • Thanks Paul good luck in the future

  • 57 myself I chuckle at the number of friend who tell me that this "get up and pee" issue is quite common for lads our age...go figure. One thing that I have found helps with sleep...not sure if it quells the urge to go - magnesium. Good luck.

  • I had same as you low grade cancer removed and now just checkups but had a mamogram and got called back for a ultra sound more worry....I haven,t had to wee through. The night at all??

  • Hope all is well with your ultrasound x

  • I had non invasive tumour removed in Feb. Camera job last week showed up a red patch so have to go for another in 3 weeks. I get up twice a night but I always have done. I also drink a glass of water at night cos now got a phobia about drinking plenty water

  • Good luck with your follow up.I really try not to drink to much in an evening but don't think it makes much difference.Prob an age thing but bladder cancer brings lots of problems.Take care

  • I just found out I have something called Meningioma , they found two sm spots on head and I need to go back in 6 mths to see if any change but I'm wondering if I shouldn't be going sooner ! I have apt with my dr on June 10th so will know more whe talk to him ! Anyone know anything would appreciate it Thxs Diane

  • My hubby is 76 and has been treated with 3 rounds of failed BCG . Had chemo/radiation this past November thru December and that really irritated both bladder and bowels. Urologist perscribed Tamsolosin and he is much better.

  • Well I have the same problem. I had tumour removed and I get up many times each night. Sometimes it's just a dribble but feels as though the bladder is full. Maybe it is the aftermath of the tumour removal - not sure but like you, mine was low grade and I have been clear for a year now. Good luck and maybe mention it to your doctor.

  • Thanks Melian good health in the future

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