bcg woes

tomorrow I have my 12th dose of bcg.when I first started the treatment it went fine,but now I find I am going to the loo every 15/20 mins.I now also get pains in pelvic area front and back.also very tired as I lose a lot of sleep due to toilet habits.beginning to get me down now,does anyone else have similar problems with bcg?oops have to go,need the loo !!

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  • I didnt have BCG but i did find that the more chemo sessions i had ,the worse the side affects were. Heres hoping it is doing what its meant to. Good luck with the treatment. :)

  • My husband only managed 1 BCG as side effects so bad so you have done well to cope with 12. It depends on the type of cancer and risks of it returning but everyone is different. My husband will have more BCG if cancer returns...

  • I now have a 6 month break from bcg so hopefully things will calm down

  • Hi Peter

    Yes, I have had the same problems with BCG treatment. I've had 18 and the side effects got worse, with pain & urgency/frequency. However some good news is that for the last set I took some prescription anti-inflammatory tablets (Naproxen) during the treatment period and was prescribed a high dose anti-biotic (Ofloxacin) by my consultant, which you take twice on the day of the treatment, and the combination reduced the side effects considerably. I was originally taking the anti-inflammatory for an injury, but realised it was really helping with side effects of BCG on the day of treatment and the days after. I would recommend you talk to your consultant about these medications.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for your comments Chris,I will have a word with my consultant

  • I have now had 18 BCG "treatments". I seem to be one of the fortunate ones that has not had a lot of complications with them. I do see more blood in the urine after the treatments...but that only lasts a few hours until the end of day. The other critical thing is what the nurse recommended as "drink like a fish". After the two hours of holding the BCG in, I start to drink water constantly. I also start with a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup. I virtually keep drinking until the evening, constantly. This seems to wash things out and get me clear urine by the evening.

  • I think it depends on the nurse that does it also my second one was always the worst (I had mine in batches of three) perhaps the doses are different I had all of the above on my second dose the rest were fine.

    The worst for me was not being able to have a cuppa for two hours but that was the least of my worries.

    Hope it sorts its self out Perterh

  • After 5th bcg I was going to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Could not hold urine.

    6th treatment next week with a lower dose.

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