Bladder cancer shock

I am so much better now I know I am not alone with this disgusting decease of the bladder especially the continuous weeing as so embarrassing even in ones own home. You change pads and it starts all over again,God I never knew one had so much fluid in their body 30% i believe the rest is blood ..they say to drink but when you feel weak you don't feel like even putting the glass to your mouth but that's perhaps just me.I know I am elderly and I get so cross when people say to you well you have had a good life but if I am meant to still be here so be it.i am really looking forward to my results and can't wait to hear all of the results to make my decisions as to what will next be done..I will keep reporting as it keeps me going. Good luck to you all and want to give you all motherly hugs or grandmas hugs at my age .love you all and get well soon.

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  • Best wishes xx

  • Thank you my dear

  • Wishing you all the best

  • Thank you so much

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