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My cancer

I had bladder cancer I was diagnosed Jan 12 th 2015 and had my bladder and prostate removed and replaced with a Neo bladder. This was all done at the Bryn Mawr Hospital

In Bryn Mawr Pa by Doctor Elia Zeltser . He told me that my cancer was so rare that I was one of 200 people in the world with this kind of cancer . I am not a smoker I am not in plastics or petroleum business I am in the beverage business and I have no history of cancer in my family . Self pity is easy and I try to over come it . My bathroom habits my sleep in at night and my everyday work have all changed . Actually at work I feel the most normal .in the early days of my diagnoses I did go to the darkest point but with the Doctor I had and the hospital I stayed in and my own life experience I never backed down and fought this and I am here living life Amen

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Hi... I love your atitude... I was diagnosed with Muscle Invasive Bladder cancer in Dec 15, following a TURBT. I am now booked in to the Royal Gwent in Newport to have my bladder and prostate to be removed. I too am having a Neo Bladder replacement.... So how are you coping. Any info will be greatfully received... Regards Gareth


I was diagnosed with muscle invasive bladder cancer a month ago. I start my first round of chemo next week and then after that have to have my bladder removed. I am having a very hard time deciding which surgery is best for me. Could you tell me how you are doing with your neobladder?  Also I would like some feedback from people who are presently using the ostomy bag. Thank you. 


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