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Disability and ESA got it all wrong!


I have just had a package containing the paperwork relating to my Disability Allowance appeal, which was turned down in Feb and is now going to an independent appeal. 85 pages....Having gone through it, which took forever. I see it enclosed the report from my ESA assessment I had on December 27th. Although I have never been told the results of that and I'm still receiving the normal ESA pittance. I cannot believe the utter rubbish in this report, far too much to go into but I thought they were referring to someone else and not me!!! Despite the Fibro, I have rheumatism in my neck, back and shoulders, carpal tunnel in both wrists, bursitis in both hips, gynea problems, gastro and bowel problems. My blood platelets and ERS level are abnormal and I’m undergoing tests plus waiting for a PET scan. I'm on enough pills to put a horse to sleep but I get very little. Yet he thinks that all the problems I've had in the last one to two years will disappear as he said I would be fit for work in three months? Despite telling him I was unable to walk anywhere and had to use a walking stick to get me from my friends car into the assessment centre and I was constantly unbalanced and falling over indoors and out. It actually states 'there is no risk of falling'....four weeks ago I fell in my hallway and broke my ankle, I called the DLA centre and told them, they advised me that this would be added to my appeal, yet there is nothing regarding this in the paperwork they have sent to me.

I think a solicitor could probably help or CAB, but I can't get out, I'm stuck here for another two weeks at least until my plaster cast comes off, and they have only given me two weeks to send in any other information I think relevant. They really have no idea do they? I know I have to do something but just feel like giving up....so much paperwork and they word it so you can't understand what the hell they are talking about....I'm just gonna go and scream now, put your fingers in your ears!

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the cab can do home visits.

have you got the benefits & work guides?



Don't give up!! That is what they want you to do, obviously the doctor is ignorant to everything you have told them.

I no what you mean with the DLA i was told to re-apply for mine. I filled in the paper work my dad also helped me. I told then that my legs give way I can stand up from a chair and lose all my balance. I'm also severely hearing impaired which effects my balance. I told then I have aids in the house (which hopefully will be getting out in my flat) and they told me without seeing me I would be fine on low mobility and low care.

((;Gental hug)))

Thanks for your replies. I have called Social Services and asked for help and spoke the benefits office who are going to as them to reconsider the dicision as i've got worse in the four months since the assessment and the fact that I have broken my ankle now too. I think the trauma of yesterday has had an effect, I didn't get to sleep rntil gone 5:30 this morning, tossed and turned all night, was itchy and agrivated....then slept till nearly 11. got up feeling exhaused and my whole body feels heavy. I feel so out of it toeay I just want to crawl back in bed. So we will see what happens, at least I'm getting some help and advice now. Thanks again Pepp.

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