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I have had some *loss of sensation* in a few places - finger ends, face, thighs - for a while, but it's gotten really bad recently to the extent that I have no feeling in my index and middle finger on my right hand, with limited feeling to thumb and ring finger, and on the left hand limited feeling to thumb and first three fingers with occasional total loss.

I also have an increasing and exacerbating patch on my left thigh which spreads and then gets for numb and then spreads again, and then that bit gets numb etc...

I was given a cortisone jab on Thursday in each wrist but after 4 days am feeling no improvement.

Just wondering if anyone has had these symptoms, or this treatment. My GP is saying the hands appear to be CTS but clearly this isn't what's in my thigh, and he's talking about another cortisone jab in my left hip.... Since I almost punched him doing my wrists (and he's the most understanding and accepting GP) i thought I'd ask for any thoughts on here.


Spirit x x x

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Has he ordered any tests or referred you to neurology? There are tests that can be done to check nerve conduction to see if there is something disrupting the nerves themselves. They would usually be ordered by a neurologist though.

Thanks Linsdsey, I will raise it with my GP at our next appointment which is in 10 days time.

Spirit x x x

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