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Rail Cards


Do you travel by rail regularly? Did you know that there is a Disabled Rail card which gives you a third off your fare and for your carer too.

It is £20 for a one-year Railcard. £54 for a three-year Railcard.

For more information visit the link below to find out about all discounts available and eligibility criteria too


There is also a DWP Rail Card that gives you 50% off for the card holder and you can get the application form from your local jobcentre apparently. This is the article below which claims this is available but it is not widely known.


Please let me know if anyone applies for this !

If you live in London and using the tube you can apply for the Freedom Pass, details below


and here are the times from National Rail that the Freedom Pass allows FREE journeys


If you use crutches/sticks, wheelchair or on a mobility scooter and would like to travel by train but you may have concern about the journey. Don't worry you can get help

If you ring National Rail a few days before your journey they can provide someone to help you with your luggage, with boarding the train via a ramp if required & ensure you have disabled seating and someone will be waiting at your destination to help you too.

This is called Travel Assistance service and has to be pre booked a day or so in advance. Here is the link below,


If anyone knows of any other rail discounts please comment as I am looking forward to hearing about any other helpful hints or information about rail travel.


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Hi Mdaisy, I have a Disabled Rail card and find it a Godsend as with this one compared to the other one where you have to travel after 10am where the Disabled one you may travel early in the morning. I also have a Disabled Buss pass which I can use on the train on the Isle of Wight but don't know about the London underground! As I do go back from time to time to visit family and friends! Aisha x

I had the pleasure of using the train line assistance services for one of my customers when we went to an awards ceremony in London in December. She is a wheelchair user, so we phoned for help.

We were met at the entrance to the station and taken up the lift. They introduced us to the assistant with the ramp and called ahead to Marylebone when the train departed. The ticket collector on the train did too. This happened both ways and we were met with speed at each destination. Chiltern railways and staff were amazing and their customer service is excellent.

3 years ago when I could walk a lot further, we had a family girly weekend in London. On the way back my mother tripped and fell outside the entrance of Marylebone. Again the staff were wonderful. They called the ambulance, got a blanket for my mum as it was January. They made us all hot drinks and kept our luggage secure whilst we all went to hospital.

They promised that that night we would get home, even if it was by taxi to Leamington Spa. Other than my mum and big sister, who had broken her shoulder in 3)places. we made it back to the station before the last train. Again we had hot drinks and chiltern paid for a taxi from the station to my house. They were brilliant.

I will definitely look to see if I am eligible for a card as I trust their service.

Thank you for providing the information Emma, you are a star.


Does the rail pass count us fibros as disabled then? I did not know. I have one that I got because I have two hearing aids.

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