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Had a letter re ESA they are phoning me in next two weeks, what will they ask me etc ??

The letter explains that Incapacity benefit is being replaced and i have to apply for ESA, it says they will phone me in the next two weeks, has anyone else had this, and what will they ask me ? im worrying myself silly as i have heard on here it can be a struggle, problem is i just dont feel up to it.

Have had fibro for years, along with other related problems IBS, Sleep Apnoea i also have a benign brain tumour, i sleep for around 18 hours a day on high pain meds and worried they will phone while im asleep and ill be drowsy, and wont be thinking straight, thanks, amanda

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Ive not had this but i would point out to them that you are on all these meds and how they make you feel. Just basically everyday things. Base it on the worse case sinario because if ypu say you can do somethings on gd days they always write that down instead off what you CANT do. I always forget things and just clam up when i do i forget what im going to say so i now make sure i write down things before they are due to call so you have it wrote down what you would like to poimt out to them xx


Hi, don't worry too much about this.... I had to go from IB to ESA and had to go to see an ATOS doctor. He was very nice and understanding of my illnesses. We're all going to have to swap over sooner or later. I agree with tan2011's idea to write down everything so that you don't forget things. Or another idea is to bookmark the NHS website information on Fibro... It has a list of symptoms (I'm sure that you'll be suffering from most of them!) and they can act as bullet point reminders. I hope you are getting DLA too? Good luck x


Thanks for your replies, i will definately write it all down, i havent heard about changing over my DLA yet, thats another brown envelope through the door im absolutely dreading!!,

Ill also try and find the NHS website info on fibro, thanks xx


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