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Going to a party tonight, not enough spoons left.

Used up quite a few spoons today (see spoon theory) making a huge spiced apple crumble and an eton mess for my friend's 50th at the school tonight. My hand and elbow hurt after peeling all the apples and I had to have a break for goodness sake.!

I will get a lift down to the school from lovely hubby to deliver the food and stay a little while, prob an hour. I find I can't stand socialising so much these days.

Being Mrs 'Nice Person' nodding and smiling.........

"You are all just a pack of cards," said Alice (Alice in wonderland)

It's a shame that I have a flare up right now. At the last party a couple of years ago I got on my eightes get up (lime green legwarmers and fake pink hair extensions) and danced for a few hours. (Paid the next day)

I have my daiughter(35) and my grandson (12) here. They do not live together so they meet here. They both talk at once all the ******** time. Right now they are watching a film so I have time to write.

Leftover cottage pie in oven for tea so not much to do before I go and put some reasonably clean clothes (sniff and shake) brush my hair and head out.

It's a seventies disco for heaven's sake. I lived the seventies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh lordy, now I can remember things in blocks of thirty years. How did that happen.

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Hello spidey, sounds like you need a lie down before going out, I am exhausted just knowing what you've done already today. I would be heading for the bedding, but yay for you, going ahead and joining in. Take it easy though, easier said than done, I know, but I hope you have a lovely time. Foggy x


Thanks Foggy. I just got in and can barely walk!!! You put a brave face on, try and jiggle and sway to the music a bit but a couple of hours of standing in a school hall drinking lemonade and having conversations with people you only see once in a while is more tiring than people without fibro can appreciate. It was a lovely party for my friend though and my puddings were much demolished by the time I left. Am now wedged in chair with cushions waiting for gaba and tramadol to take effect!!!!


havent heard about not enough spoons for a while...am out of spoons today...will a fork do?

Hope you have got to party :)


Party was great but was in the red with spoons after!!!! My apple crumble went down well and my friend had the best 50th birthday.


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