Re - applying for ESA, using another years contributions

Hi, I have a question about ESA that I could do with some help answering. I researched online, and it says that if you have not claimed contributions based ESA for a year, that you can claim again, using another years N.I. contributions. I wondered if anyone has tried this, and been successfull. I hope you're all having a good and pain free day today. sending you all lots of love.

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  • I am not sure how it works, I know they count the tax year from eg 6th april 2012 to 5th april 2013. So if you worked in between tax years, you may not have a full tax years contributions IYSWIM, email the JC to confirm what the mean by 12 months contributions.

  • Ask the CAB about it! I think they can go to a few years back to use the contributions you have paid in the past but check it out with CAB first

  • I'm having this trouble being self employed just sent in 2 separate months sick notes for contribution based ESA and told I'm gettIng none as havnt paid enough contributions in 201w despite the fact I have a direct debit paid monthly I can't understand this so need to hunt what I can find out myself any info anyone has be most helpful

  • Hi - thanks for all your replies. I have rung the ESA helpline, and I am making a new claim for ESA now - wish me luck as I might need it!! Sending you all good wishes and a pain free day !!

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