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No I don't know much about there but has anyone else seen their news? If every one living in a house too large for them wanted to move, it would take 7 years. That's not taking those already homeless into account. Can only wonder what it's like in the other parts of the country that are keeping the stats to themselves. There are now at least 4 marches against the bedroom tax. 2 in Scotland and 2 in England.

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But the homeless don't have bedrooms ... So they don't have to pay bedroom tax... Personally I think finding homes for the homeless is more important.... Who is marching for them???


Well they would be homed as a priority over those living in larger houses, so it would take much longer than the supposed 7 years.


Hi, I live in the North West of England where there are relatively few 1 bedroom social housing properties. My partner looked into a move from his 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom place. There was only one available and that was over 30 miles away. He now has no option but to pay for the extra bedroom out of his job seekers allowance or share his home with another. He would rather not share his flat although no-one has come forward to share with him so he will be paying around £12-£14 for his extra bedroom. I don't think this has been thought through by the government, I do empathise with those living in crowded conditions and think yes if only 1 person then live in 1 person housing. As far as I know there isn't anyone living on the streets in this town although I have lived in cities where this is the case. So it's pay up time for my partner and everyone else in this town where choice isn't a viable option. This is a tax on the poor and I for one am outraged.


i think if they want people to move house then they need to set up some sort of swap scheme otherwise it wont work due to thelack of available housing.


I live in a 2 bedroomed council house. There are no 1 bedroomed available properties for me nearby as the council have rehoused people following the demolition of council maisonettes! What am I supposed to do? Get a tent? But I could only have a 1 man tent of course! And where to pitch it? The local woods maybe, with the other people in the same boat as me??? XX


It is all very stupid - and as has been said - it has not been thought through.

Last year my husband of 20 years left me and we had to sell the house I'd lived in for 25 years (with no profit whatsoever). I got the 2 bedroomed flat I now live in 5 days before I had to be out of my house (my husband had left 5 months before) - otherwise I would have ended up in a homeless hostel - something I was really scared of. Was I supposed to go into the hostel and leave a perfectly good property empty??

Being ill and trying to make my flat my own has been difficult and a very slow process but I am slowly getting there - but now I am hit with either having to move again (in a non-existent) one bedroom flat or pay for the 'extra' room I have.

This leads onto the other aspect of this - in all the benefits letters, it always states - "This is the amount the law says you need to live on . . . " - but now they are reducing 'the amount the law says we need to live on' to pay for our extra bedroom - so how are we supposed to manage when, by their own rules and statements - we will no longer have enough to live on!!!

The Conservatives say they are all for family values but - how can they be?? A grandparent can no longer look after their grandchildren overnight (therefore helping the family out) as (according to the new rules) they would have nowhere for the children to sleep - other than the floor!! Wonder how many bedrooms the PM has???

As people who use this site know the last thing people with FM need is added stress - but there it is - more stress - straight from the government - the gift that keeps on giving!!!

Just saying!!


where I live the council and housing associations were given gov allowances to build 3 & 4 bed houses and few 2 bed. they have NO 1 & 2 beds available now and for the forseeable future.


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