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Did you know about the FibroAction Spreadshirt Awareness Apparel Store?

Did you know that you can get t-shirts, bags, hats and more that can help raise awareness, whilst also raising funds for FibroAction, at the FibroAction Spreadshirt Awareness Apparel Store?

And this month, Spreadshirt is offering FREE DELIVERY on all orders of 2 or more items until 22 March. :) Great if you want to get some awareness items before International Fibro Awareness Day on May 12th!

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Ooooo, I didn't know about this, may have to have a little snoop at that. I would like a wristband and maybe a t shirt. Thanks Lindsey x


hi lindsey,hope you don't think me ignorant, but where do the monies collected from FM go,as in what assistance can we get from this.jacksiex


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