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went to see GP this morning

hi every one on this cold blustery day, i had to venture out to the GP this morning to get results from an internal ultra scan i had done, i have fibroids, what has really miffed me is when i was mensturating and suffering with extreme heavy bleeding which led on to me becoming anemeic she turned a deaf ear to my concern and never offered me a scan to find the cause of my problems. if i hadnt of had a bleed 18 months after my last period i would have gone through my life not knowing about it and putting my worsening lower back pain down to fibro.

i do have a good relationship with her, and i told her i have been attending jobcentre and shes fuming and frustrated because as she said a few years ago she had forms that would be sent to the dwp stating wether the patient was fit and able for work, but now doctors have no clout at all with the dwp because of this government. she said other wise she would have sent form off to tell them that i am not fit for work. she said she will be keeping a close eye on me because she knows me so well and she is aware that the stress that is being caused by the governments esa could be detrimental to my health and well being. it was nice to know that she understands what the genuine people with disabilties are up against.

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Hi Topsy,

What a good job you have a sympathetic GP!

I suppose that if we all keep appealing against ESA decisions, it will cause so much extra work and disruption that the Government will have to do a re-think!

I wish I could offer some good advice, but we are all in this together!

Moffy x


Oh Topsy, poor you having to go through all that and fibro too. The fact that you have a good and understanding dr is great and that she is prepared to back you up.

This fiasco with ATOS has been allowed to go on for far far too long.......back to the time when Labour were in office, infact they instigated it, now all the wrath is being thrown at the government of today and rightly so, because they should be taking notice of THEIR public and voters and sorting out this terrible terrible mess.

As moffy says, all we can do is to challenge decisions and make our complaints known as far as we can. I will be writing to at least two of our local MPs and making my concerns very clearly known this week as I am appalled at the number of people he whose lives are pure misery because of this beuocracy !!

Foggy x


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