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Finally joined up!

Hi I've done it, joined a FMS group. I was diagnosed 5 years ago whilst I was working as a front line police officer . I said it would not stop me working. I had 5 children and that hadn't stopped me working. I made a few adjustments at work ( hated my new role in the police control room) . I fought FMS and lost, and took early retirement 2 years ago. I was advised by the rhumatologist who diagnosed me to join a group but somehow just never got round to it. I hope now I have to get support and to offer my support.

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Welcome. I think that you have chosen the best group going for help and support.. We advise and help each other in any way that we can. Although we are not doctors we do have a wide experience in different symptoms and treatments and always advise you to seek medical advice.

This site is much more than just fibro advice it is also more of a club where we can get together. have a moan. a laugh and generally chat about anything at all. We can get quite silly at times but all helps to pass the time and lift our spirits.

As our lovely Gins would say"just pull up a chair and join in"



Hi thanks for the welcome the group sounds like what I miss from working, I love a good moan and to share it as it feels halved then. I love a good laugh and have a very dry sense of humour, I'm sure I'm gonna fit in nicely


It sounds like it. Oh well time i got off my backside and made a start.

see you later. :)


Hi, welcome there is usually someone around, with broken sleep patterns day or night a voice that understands together we are stronger than isolated alone :-)


Hi Burda :)

I'd also like to welcome you to our friendly fibro forum and hope you enjoy it here as well as find the support you need :)

I haven't looked back since finding this forum last year and have found it to be a haven at times when not feeling too great. We have some wonderful members who love to help so please don't be afraid to ask any Q's as there's always someone around the corner who'll be along to offer friendly help/advice even if it's just hugs for comfort and support :)

Have you checked out our mothersite fibroaction.org you will find all kinds of useful info there regarding Fibromyalgia including downloadable and printable Fact Sheets.

Direct link to those Fact Sheets



Here's a link to help you find your way about here:

FAQ Navigating BETA Community


Looking forward to seeing you around and send you fleecy fluffie hugs to see you through the festivities :)

xxx sian :)


Hi welcome :) it's a brilliant forum you will meet people here who truly understand and put things in perspective ,when sometimes we find things so hard , have you tried a pain and fatigue clinic ,I did one this summer ,after 4 years of being in totally denile that I had any chronic conditions ,my body decided it was not going to work anymore and I was not given a choice ,I found this site by accident and for me it's been the best place in the world for support ,between the two I am now truly getting a life again and I laugh ,keep your chin up ,things do get better xx



hi welcome to the forum it is truly great place to come we all support each other have a moan or a giggle at funny pictures or jokes as we need laughter to give us a lift in spirits.


Thank ukulele for your welcome



Hi Burda

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I genuinely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun! I sincerely look forward to seeing you around the forum.

I hope that your Fibro isn't too bad today and that you find all the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you for the welcome Elizabeth


hi I'm glad you've joint you will love this site everyone is so nice hope you enjoy x


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