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Sun beds and Fibromyalgia?? Any advice

Hi all, I hope your enjoying a pain free existence and enjoying the sunny days :)

I have been thinking of using sun beds for a natural glow, I live in Denmark and everyone is using them. However when I was first being tested for the cause of my symptoms (whixh they thought was lupus) the doctor banned me from using sunbeds and anything that uses UV and artificial light! Do you think this is the same now I have been diagnosed fibromyalgia? Is anyone using them and feel any worse for doing so??

Advice would be much appreciated! Thank you xxxx

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I only know I can't because I am on dosulepin antidepressant and it works really well for me but I have been advised on the instructions in the packet to avoid direct sunlight and sunbeds as my skin could be more sensitive and burn easily, and that certainly is true of sunlight as I managed to burn one foot last summer while sitting outside for not long my one foot wasnt in the shade and it sunburnt very quickly, so I would check all your meds, or ask your pharmacist or GP for advise

Hope that helps a little

VG x


Thank you for your advice...none of my medication specifies to avoid sun light but my skin sometimes is tender and feels bruised when touched so I will give them a miss!! Thank you xxxx


My consultant reconmended a sunlamp .. Didnt try it though.


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