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not fair

hi everyone, sorry not been on here for a while, had no internet,its now up and running, yippeeee, i have been suffering from siatica since last saturday, its so painful, wat with fibro pain, arthritis, now this, i have been so very tired too, i am now living with a partner, so cause of that my e,s,a, has stopped cause they say its means tested and now i live with someone i dont get it, this is not fair, just cause i live with somone what difference should that make,

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were u om income based wrag group if u are in support group it shouldnt stop


no its all changed if you have a partner you get nothing they are kicking us every where this government making more & more rules up all the time wonder what else they can take away from us ??? glad i don't have a partner anymore xx


i have never been offered to go to a support group. am not sure if i were on income based e,s,a,.


To my mind this is sexual harassment.

If you'd moved in with another lady to share expenses, you would have had housing and council tax benefit as well as all your other benefits!

You should make a complaint about this - it sounds as though someone has made a mistake! Maybe CAB could help you?



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