I bought a new bra- a over the shoulder bolster holder- a scaffolding supreme

yes it is a glorious burble of purple lace with squiggles a pon it. I have a plentiful bussom which is of course awkward to fit into a sholder holster never the less I have it so this morning I shall attempt to cover my buxomness up. Now all you gells with a larger bra size will know what I mean, do you do it up at the front and twissel or the back with a wiggle and a flop. I am a reverse action my self because of my back injury. It is a performance I put off as long as possible but then I must try or take them back. So good liuck to me xgins

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  • So you may be some time..... Will await with baited breath this vision to behold

    Good luck

    VG x

  • The effort is worth it poor little pinky and perky will think its their birthday gives norty laugh

  • My nungas are gigantic so i would need a boulder holder the size of dustbin lids! Katie Price used to do a range of underwear that was beautiful for shall i say,,,the most plentiful of ladies but i havent been able to find her stuff for ages. It is getting harder to put my bra on now tho cos i seem to slowly be losing the range of my arms and the strengh so the time may come when i let them all hang out (shudders at the thought) oh well at least my knees will be warm! :) xx

  • Oh Charli I know where you are coming from but guess what I got upstairs had my wash and............yes you got it the new bra is downstairs now that is brilliant not. It took four attempt to get old slinger on no more today it will have to wait till tomorrow :) keep youre knees warm :) xgins

  • Oh gins I'm obviously the odd one out here, I used to have what we called a "sheepdog bra" - round them up and push them forward.....hahaha. Now I have taken to the new pull on ones that are being advertised so widely these days and from my point of view they are wonderfully comfortable and if pulling on over head is difficult it is possible to step into them and pull them up - well it's worked for me and I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

    Foggy x

  • Wow how brave from sheepdog to step ups beyond me I am afraid not large enough have to stick to the wires! Your blog made me chuckle ta xgins

  • I tried these too. They are so wonderfully comfy but I found not enough support, constant jiggling and ending up somewhere in the southern hemisphere!!! XXXX

  • I also have JCB buckets for a bra!! But I'm constantly having trouble fastening my bra. I can't reach my arms around my back, neither can I fasten it at the front and twist it around!! No way can I go without, although I would dearly love to!! I HATE underwired bras, they're not natural to me and they always end up sticking into my boobs!! I could get a small branch of W H Smith under each of my boobs!!! XXXXX

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