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ESA Medical

Hi and thank you to everyone who replied to my question and offered their much appreciated advice.

Well ..... I had the medical today and I felt much better about attending as I had read all the advice and it was very useful...The woman was actually OK and not the Brunhilde I had been expecting, but this did not encourage me to talk and offer more information than was asked. I kept to the questions and it was actually she herself who suggested that I decline the medical part of the examination as she could see that I was already in great pain and did not want to add to it.. So decline I did, after reading that just because you can bend a little when asked they will assume that bending is easy for me. I was asked about my hobbies and what I enjoyed doing to which I replied that I was unable to pursue any now that I had previously been interested in. She asked how often I had bad days and how many good days I would had had recently; to which I replied that I no longer had good days just not quite so awful ones but that these were less frequent now. She asked about how I went about washing etc and how long it took me to get up in the morning after actually waking up.

In conclusion.... for anyone facing their medical I would recommend reading a lot of other peoples experiences and to be prepared with your answers before you go.

Remember that it is not their job to help you get the award; you are there to prove that you deserve it ... They do not appreciate that if you were able to work you would never in your right mind put yourself through all this red tape, you would be out there working.

P.S The woman told me that I would hear the result in 4-6 weeks so I will keep you posted.

Thanks again to all. Gentle hugs xxx <3

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Good Luck (((SOFT WARM HUGS)))


Sounds like it went well, good luck anyway.


Well I hope so but you can never tell, so I wont be holding my breath lol.

I will keep you posted.




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