What are the different side effects of FMA?

Hi all,

Went to the doctors for a routine appointment about ear pain and blurred vision in my right eye, didn't expect getting sent to the A&E eye infirmary.

For the first time today I have started to feel dizzy, I have experienced it before.

Nothing exciting happened at the eye infirmary saw a nurse who put drops in my eye then sat for 3 hours waiting for my name to be called.

Starting to get concerned tht I am feeling dizzy and weak, is it part of fibromyalgia?

Susan x

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  • Hi Susan, I don't know enough about FM, read loads of really good books on it, seems going by them anything seems to go, I'm having doubts that I have FM. Only because I've had lots of things that don't sound like FM more like MS, I've been diagnosed with FM since Jan this year. When did your blurring and dizzy start .?

  • Hi jjojay,

    The blurred vision has been going on for a while (months) but the dizzy spells started yesterday for the first time ever. Xx

  • i have fm and me and often get bluring and dizziness also nausea

  • Ah right I was a tiny bit sick but that went away.

  • Also I looked on your profile I see you have learning difficulties, so you must be in a good situation to get help.

  • I wish I did get more help. I think this is why I am unwell also as my college think it is okay to have 1 support worker with 5 students one of which has to has to have the member of staff next to her (otherwise she kicks off, if it doesn't go her way! Which is causing me to stress out.

  • I have had cm for years my sister M.E and dizziness and blurted vision are just two you can suffer from..but I have to take vitamin b12 injections as I'm enemic and have very low blood pressure also an under active thyroid these also cause blurred vision double vision and dizziness.

  • F.M not cm predictive text sory

  • My eyes get a bit blurry and I went along to have my eyes tested. The optician told me that due to the fibro and fatigue, it takes a little longer for me to focus but my eyesight once focused is still ok.

  • I have had Fibro for 15 yrs and have in the past month or so started getting Dizzy and Panicky and Blurred vision too ,I put it down to Fibro ,and the weakness is part of the effects of Fibro too.My legs always feel like they are going to go under me and the Panick then sets in.I hope you get sorted soon Susan I have also had ear problems .,Hope this little info helps x

  • I might look into that about dizzy spells I even get them when I'm sitting its not very nice. Yes I have problems with my legs giving way I am currently looking for flat and I have been told that a ground floor would benefit me better.

    I am receiving a hearing dog as soon as I find somewhere else to live.

    Susan xx

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