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advice on appealing a esa claim

hello all, reading all your emails really keeps me going at work. I came across this and thought i would post it on. Keep going xxx


As soon as you get your decision letter

•Phone up the telephone number written on your decision letter.

•Say you wish to appeal against the decision and

•ask for copies of all the medical evidence used to make the decision

•If you get housing or council tax benefits, inform your landlord and local council (who may be your landlord) that you are appealing

THEN – make sure you get

•a sick note from your GP, backdated to the date of the decision

•copies of any recent medical evidence. This may have to be paid for, so make sure it is relevant to your problems. This can be from your GP, physio, nurse, specialist, mental health worker – in fact any professionals that monitor or treat you or care for you

How to fill in the GL24 Appeal Form

Use the ESA Descriptors to fill in the GL24 Appeal Form

1.On the GL24 write, “I disagree with the decision dated” (put the date from the decision letter) “regarding my ESA. I believe that I should have scored points with the following descriptors”

2.From the list of ESA Descriptors, choose the highest scoring one that applies to you from each section – Mobilising, Standing, Reaching etc.

3.You may think that some descriptors do not apply to you but think carefully and remember - this is not just about what you can do at home, when you feel able to or when someone has to be with you

•At work, you have to be able to do things and repeat these within a reasonable time

•If you have problems doing an action more than 3 or 4 times or for a few minutes because of pain, weakness or cramps (e.g. reaching, picking things up, writing) then say this.

•If you would have a problem because of stress or anxiety or memory problems, say this

•If you have these problems because of medication or effects of any treatment – say it.

•Include anything that you can only do if somebody you know and trust has to be there – going out, crossing a road, using a cooker,

•Things are ‘not a problem’ just because you avoid doing them

4.Write the descriptors out as a list, with the points you think you scored.

5.Put your name and National Insurance Number on any extra sheets or any medical evidence you send.

6.Get this back to the DWP as soon as you can. There is a 4 week time limit from the date of the decision. The sooner you get your appeal in, the sooner your basic money will be reinstated.

I really hope this helps someone out there. kind regards

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Thank you kimbles for shareing your advice with us, I have printed a copy to keep at hand as I have just sent my ESA 50 form to ATOS for re assessment. I know I will need to remember your advice.. Thanks again for your information xx


Thank you for sharing Kimbles. I found this advice clear and concise and will be storing it away for future reference :-)

Cheers Dixie x


Thank you Kimbles for sharing this it is very interesting and in depth and I'm almost certain I will need to appeal mine as I did the medical as the nurse asked but very slowly and cautious!

And does a Dr have to examine me rather than a nurse as she knew nothing of fibromyalgia? she was being prompted by the screen, she typed loads too. This will be helpful for me thanks again. :)


Yikes I was told to get doctors note from the date they're stopping my Income Support! My appeal letter went off on Thursday so its back to brown envelope stress :(


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