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light therapy

i have been having light therapy for several years due to psoriasis

this latest treatment they have increased my time that im in the machine,i have never been in for so long,past treatments i only managed to stay in for a max of 4.5 mons but this treatment iv been in for 8.49 mins which was reduced from 9.5 due to burning,i missed mondays session due to being burnt on friday but yesterdays session has caused water filled blisters all over my chest area

i really hope i dont have to have tomorrows treatment :(

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That sounds awful!

Perhaps you should ask to see the doc before any further treatment!

Moffy x


I agree with Moffy, This doesn't sound right if your suffering burns that cannot be good for the skin x


your skin is so precious take care I gree it should never blister do go get the doctor envolved xgins


thank you guys

im going back to the Churchill this morning to show them what has happened,im sure they will sort me out



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