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9 Day flare up !!

Whats all this about 9 day flare the worse yet didnt think it could get any worse I cant even fasten a bra because of the pain. Just been sitting in a chair or in bed. Had my boy cheering me up with his cheekyness cant wait on weds i get my daughter for a week. Spoke to DLA today and atos report is with the decision maker, think im going to have to fight it.

got to hospital last friday only to be told my rhuemo appointment is this friday the 22nd left red faced as i told them it was last lol oh well the joys.

Hope you all have fab week xxx

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Hope it all goes well for you, sharne. Flares always happen when you have other stress to deal with, but I'm sure it will settle down!

Moffy x


Oh dear Sharne. You are going through a rough patch at the moment, that's the worst thing with fibro it can jog along quietly raising our hopes then just as quickly flare up for hours days or weeks.... I can certainly relate to the bra issue,,, many days I just don't wear one as its too sore,, fortunately I have plenty of baggy tops to disguise the fact. Glad you have your son to cheer you and your daughter coming soon too, even if you feel bad they love to see you and be with you, even though I can't do as much as I would like as soon as my son comes in from school he checks I am here.... Lol where else would I be ....but just knowing I am here reassures him. Good luck with the DLA and ATOS if you do have to fight it there is plenty of advice on here on how to do it , please just ask if you need it... And on the bright side you haven't missed your appointment even it was embarrassing at the time. Have you seen your GP recently to see if there is anything he can change meds wise to help?

Wishing you all the best and hoping your flare calms sooner than later

VG x


Good luck to you - it is always so much harder when having a flare up to cope with everything - keep your chin up we are all here for you - X


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