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Sat at the windowo watching the snowfall

Its lovley but oh so cold ive been sat in the chair most of the day, Been having flare up since sat Feel so bad ive not taken son out but hes happy, And also a little sod, he decided to throw full bowl of cereal on my rug and run off laughing noing full well i cant move very fast. Throwing slippers at me when i was on the phone and saying "your crap Mummy booob " mummy boob is his nickname for me lol hes only 2 nd half!!!,lol I thought id get up so his dad could have lil ly in,

Ahh the joys of parent hood

Ive heard from my solicitors about my claim against the nhs for the hysterectomy i didn't need they have got all evidence so should be upto 3 more months just hope i don't have to go to court don't need the stress., If i win i am donating it to a fibro cause and helping my mum out, I am suing due to the fact of misdiagnosis of fibroids, ive had fibro stymptoms for years like alot of you didnt get the diagnosis untill years later, So i am going to make the best or what i have got. xxxxx P.S Sorry about spelling mistakes and rambling on i seen to talk more when i having a flare lol !!!

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hi Sharne

what a little ball of energy your son sounds, they are so quick to work things out , but children bring so much joy

I did think about sueing NHS due to misdiagnosis but decided not to , i wish i had your strength and had done so, but too late now. All my childhood records were " mislaid/lost " when i moved with my parents, strangely theirs and my 3 brothers arrived at the Drs hmmm

I hope they settle the case before trial but have heard of several cases they settle just as you go in , so much stress caused when they know they are at fault

So sorry you are having a flare , i hope it setlles asap xx


Sound like they were lost on purpose. My partner has push me to sue told him i cant deal with more stress but he sorts everything for me now. Was told only had 3 years to sue and already into second year. my son brings me so much happiness its just hard because i cant do what i did few months ago. he nos im ill but got to make the best of a bad situation xxx


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