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Esa tribunel

I thought on the 26th of January that some of my problems were over I attended my tribunal hearing, a very nice man and a nice docter found in my favour. I had a sick certificate until 31stof January so thought I was covered went to job centre phoned relevant people at our wonderful dwp told by two people no you don't need anymore certificates being as you won tribunal. I had to get up at 5.30 this morning to have test at hosp I get back and low and behold I need a sick certificate otherwise I won't get my money Thursday. So had to go docters where the luvly people helped me to get another certificate so I could give it into job centre by 5pm. So the moral of the story is you still need certificates until dwp send you a letter to say that you have won the appeal which takes them 6 weeks to sort out they win again.

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Hello Lifeback :)

ahhh.. the run around... would be very helpful to us if those 'in the know' would actually know the correct information wouldn't it?

Congratulations on your win!

LoveLight to You xoxoxox


Glad you were successful!! A fibro victory, that's great! S x


I just went through my DLA hearing only yesterday and Gosh! I consider myself so lucky this time for not having one for esa too. It's really streessing, painful, frustating and annoying all this red type. I am so sorry for you if no one can do it for you either - you wonder if all these people get the point that you are ILL...I am totally with you.

Congratulations!! And have a good rest.


Congratulations , its gd to hear that people with fm can win xx


Hello all thanks for all your feedback would have been on earlier but thanks to Vodafone couldn't because they mucked up my internet haven't got a computer went oft glucose interolernce test last Fri for thyroid another problem I have now have phelbitis in my arm from needle on antibiotics again and to top it all my ESA didn't go in today fed up with all this stress worrying about money just to be ableto eat and keep warm


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