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Very Cranky

Sorry but I have to rant. For 10 months I have been seeing a general medicine specialist at the hospital who told me about 5 months ago I have Fibro among other problems. So I go for an Appt today and he says he thinks it is all in my mind and that I may have depression or anxiety and wants to give me anti depressants and see a shrink. I told him I think that shrinks are a waste of money I do not feel sad or depressed and I do not have any anxiety and I won't take anti depressants as they will make me zombie like and I have to work fulltime and be engaged. He asks me about my homelife and am I having any trouble, my home life is fine I have no problems, I have adapted my life to cope with restricitions etc. He says your sleep problems are anxiety related, I say related to what and how come I don't feel, anxious? (mind you by now I am am feeling almost balisitic) He told me that perhaps I don't know I am anxious gee I would have figured that I might! I was gobsmacked and told him that I will see one once to proove that he is wrong. So from what I understand as he cannot find any medical testing results for my sleeplessness and joint pain, fatigue, painful points all over my body etc the answer must be that I am depressed and anxious! What the hell!!!! He is referring me to a rheumatologist but I ammguessing the referral will say - all in her head but just placate her!

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Gahhh I can imagine how frustrating that is...

First thing i would do and have done is go to your gp explain what this so called general medicine specialist has said and ask to be referred to another hospital consultant ... i have done and my gp was most happy to do it I have seen many good and bad in the 23 years I have had fibro.....Good job you are going to see a rheumatologist... They do diagnose fibro and send you for tests.... I have worn out three...first one suddenly retired after he admitted defeat at being able to do anything more for me, after mistakenly diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis on top of fibro and given me meds that made me so ill, second said I had osteo arthritis and told me to hang a weight off my neck...!!!! The third one was wonderful he acknowledged my fibro confirmed osteo arthritis and got me proper foot insoles for my ankles and got social services to my house to set me some adaptations..... I take an antidepressant at night plus a very low dose muscle relaxant and finally after 23 years with fibro its only been the last 18monthsI get sleep, I have to admit the thought of going to bed and knowing I wouldn't sleep did make me anxious so the two tabs combined at night only give me sleep I am not tired in the day apart from when fibro fatigue strikes but that's not too often as I get sleep .

Good luck you may well find your fears about being written off by a rheumy wrong and I certainly hope so... There are good ones out there and don't be put off ask your GP to refer you to different people if the ones you see refuse to listen to you.

Good luck

VG x


Thanks VG I did go to GP as I was so upset and angry and told him how P'd off I was. He was really great and has known me for years so knows me pre this all ahppening. He said no anti depressants as I have a weight problem already and my liver has been playing up for the last 10 months, had bad reaction to some antibitoics and it hasn't settled down yet and has just flared up again. I live in Australa in a city with not many rheumys so my choices are very limited and they all hang out together so I am not very confident. I don't really worry about not sleeping anymore I have gotten used to it I just crash adnnburn some weeks and it is often pain that wakes me up, Specialist said it was anxiety, hmmm I didn't know shooting pains and aching joints were anxiety. I feel like such a whinger and now I just don't want to go back to him but I have no choice if I want to finally get the proper help. I amnot on any meds except for paracetamol and that only touches the edges.


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