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Hacked off!

When I used to take amitriptyline I slept like a log,had a horrible taste in my mouth,sweated,put on over 2 stones in weight and still had aches and pains. I was also on a statin which I think made the pain worse so I came off that too with GPs permission! Come to think of it I was still depressed at times too. So I came off the amitriptyline (long story) now I'm 2 stone lighter and have no aches and pains but I am depressed, don't sleep at all well and have developed digestive problems like a globus in my throat and acid reflux.Does anyone else have this?

I don't know what to do, no two days are the same.I've found taking Omega 3 EPA ,vit B and Evening primrose oil to be of some benefit overall but this yoyoing depression is awful. Are anti depressents really the only answer do you think? I just don't want to get fat again and need to eat like a horse (they just make you eat like that!) My son is getting married in next year or so and I want to look good like I had worked up to for my other sons wedding last year. Its a dilemma isn't it!?

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Hi Newaygirl

i find that is the problem with our meds always seems to be side effects luckily mine aren't too bad as i wouldn't get out of bed without my painkillers

Do you have anything to help with the acid reflux ? i have taken Omeprazol , i also have IBS as do several others on the site

I also find no two days are the same but that is probably due to my arthritis and not behaving myself

I totally understand your wish to look your stunning best for the wedding but depression is such a hard thing to cope with

I am sure others will be able to suggest other treatments that may help

take care x


hi newaygirl,

well did the Dr not try you with something else for the depression as there are other meds out there to help as i havce had them 16yrs ago now but i finally got over depression and i do not want to get there again if i can help it dependant on all the things going on.

the reflux and gastric issues like irisjoy i take lansoperazole pretty much the same thing and your Dr should know all this to help you??

if you feel some benefit for the vitamins etc that is good but you should still tlak with your Gp.

as for the wedding am sure you will look lovely!!! try and get some strength to go treat yourself take a family memeber or a friend to help pick something, if you say you need something.

it is so hard when you do not feel upto it as a lot of us know, i have not gone out and socialised since 2011 pretty much i was cancelling alsorts of invitations as trying to get my head around all these problems was hard, but it takes time and nothing really works over nite.

there is many pain meds too to help you it is just finding the rite one that suits you :-)

i was taken off amiltryptiline in 2011 and then put on gabapentin and then onto lyrica which i am still taking but near the maximum now but it has been a help for me personally with the tingling and pain it took the 'edge' off so i could continue controlling work, my head is a mish mash of spaghetti most of time but atleast i get some help and it is about going back and forth until you find something as the more you bug your Dr the more they understand you have problems.

big huggles to you and we are all here to rant and let off steam when ever you feel the need and to share your thoughts xxxxx caroline xx


What I find is good for Acid Reflux is Activated Charcoal tablets. They also settle any pain in my abdomen and deal with any flatulence. It's more like a supplement and it doesn't have any real side effects as far as I know. Have you tried Magnesium Maleate which is a supplement which can boost your energy levels, although the Malic Acid in it might not be good for acid reflux. The other thing is that a lot of B vitamins are acidic - especially B6 and Folic Acid, B12 on its own is better. The other things is to stop drinking tea and coffee because they are so acid and change them for peppermint tea and chamomile, or at least take less tea and coffee and have it very weak - leaving out tea and coffee and any carbonated drinks made a huge difference to my gastric reflux. . Its worth a try.


And another thought - if you sleep better you might feel better. What about Clonazepam? Or the other thing for my sleeping I listen to talking books on my MP3 player, they make me go to sleep or if not I relax and feel as good as if I had a good night's sleep by the morning.


hey hun

i have suffered with depression on/off since i was 17. i found CBT therapy really good and art therapy. i would ask your gp as their are alot of different antidepressants out there that dont cause weight gain hun. i take citlopram its a good one or fluxotine. counselling is very good too private message me if i can be anymore help i understand the ibs and acid refluxes i get them v often. xxxxx


Interesting! well I'm just back from seeing my GP. All my bloods are fine but we got chatting and it soon became clear its stress related symptoms I'm having. I get depressed because I have a big issue in my head that I just keep fretting about. So we established I'm more anxious than I am depressed. I know what my problem is and I get depressed because of IT. So he suggested I fill in a depression questionaire and meanwhile research Citalopram! He says I shouldn't put weight on with it and it might not cause any sexual dysfunction both of which are encouraging.That sounds like what you are taking so can you tell me how long you have been on it and how it affescts you please?

I know I should get conselling but I will have to build up to that. x


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