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Signed up to become a personal trainer for people like ourseleves and with other disabilities

Hi everyone since my last visit , i have signed up to become a fitness instructor for people such as ourselves! there seems to be no help at gyms for people like us nor for people with disabilities making it less welcoming!

Would any of you go if you knew an instructor fully understood your condition and could help you remain active without over doing it ? making realistic goals?

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This is something that I would be interested in if I could afford it. It is not just the gym fees, but the lost work time that I would have to consider. As a self-employed person with erratic working hours, that would have to be taken into account.

Also, the trainer may be knowledgable and understanding, but other gym members might be less so. I found some gyms quite intimidating, even before I had fibro!


I am doing a training course that is one weekend a month for 6 months, As i said to my recruiter i want to do specific sessions for people with fibro/arthuritis and disabled. he said it was a brilliant idea and something that would be highly looked upon.

I am 20 and feel noone can help me, so I want to help others in feeling like '' do you know what I can go to the gym and be fit ''



I would definitely come!

I was training to be a personal trainer when I was struck down with fibro. I have also done my level 2 nutrition and had started on my 3rd which had I finished it would have qualified me as a nutritionist. I was also a lifeguard at several local pools and ran around 10 miles a week. You beat me to this idea as I had been thinking of it myself lol although not quite as seriously as you as there has been alot of serious illness in my family the last 12 months and I've been focused on that.

PLEASE let us know how your training goes as I'm very interested. Good luck on qualifying!

Love and gentle huggles

Chilli xxx


i would be a Trainer lol

or i would just love to help others that are new or not sure how to cope and just to help relax with the days that are difficult.

we all very different i think in some ways in our capabilities of excercise and i for one fine excercise now is hard work but little things help even if make you tired atleast it is a little trying and doing something .

the expense is a big issue i believe and like you i am self-employed too in cleaning business which as you can imagine it is a very demanding physical job and it is a whole package.

i have put weight on drasticaly in my opinion but that is due to medications and i think that once you know how to deal with it then you can atleast try and relax and do little things as i do even sitting down , but not when so fatigued . maybe i could be wrong !! we should be some sort of group but in different areas to recommend ppl who are willing to do excercises put on fb anywhere..

as i speak i am exhausted from a long day driving over 120 miles plus in and out of houses and checking work etc etc and paper work and organising and my spelling is rubbish tonite lol as much as i was excellent once with English and my typing skills .

posting excercieses which i believe is already out there but it is actually helping as you say and i think its a good idea what your doing so i hope it goes extremely well and keep us updated as once a month for 6 months sounds great ..GOOD FOR YOU !!!!

xxx lot sof hugs and inbox if want to chat ..caroline xx


Wonderful idea Em! I would certainly go to your classes in fact I would love to!

Wishing you all the very best with it, please keep us in the loop and let us know how your training goes!

Well done too for thinking of this wonderful idea! :D

(((hug))) xxx



Will definately keep you all posted with how I get on. Its the brilliant support I've had off everyone that has made me go for it. It helps me stay fit aswell :) xx


Thanks so much Em, hope to have an update soon from you xxx :D


Well done, I think helping others helps you to help yourself, so hope you get your own health rewards. Hugs x


Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that I had a personal trainer for six months to improve my quality of life. I really appreciate that you have decided to specialise in fibro + PT because I know it can help so many people. Eventually I think that it will be a standard treatment funding through the NHS for FMS. Studies aren't there yet because only a few people have cottoned on to the fact we need individual programs and constant watching so we don't adjust to avoid pain.

Basically I prepped myself by increasing walking and really basic exercise (it took three years!!) and then got the PT. We worked with a psychologist, osteo and my GP to make sure we didn't end up making things worse as someone thought that strength training might be harmful. It all worked out well and I can do soooo much more now.

Why did I go for a PT? I had a lot of trouble counting reps (read: it was virtually impossible due to fog) and I just couldn't consistently perform movements correctly so would constantly worry that I was injurying myself further.

I did underestimate how long it would take me to make a turn around and in retrospect I can't believe I thought it would only take six months. I figure I need another six months, possibly a year to correct the pain postures so I don't need osteo/massage/chiropracter etc etc so much.

Sounds expensive but I know that I will spend much less over the years to come and have a higher quality of life overall, better health too.

Ideally I would like to strengthen the muscles around all the trigger points. I did read on fibro-fitness that this was a good idea but just looked now and can't find the page where it tells you this. The guy on that site also specialises in fibro PT but it is at a very basic level as far as I can tell (maybe this is just at the start of his training with people he works with, progressing to correct pain postures, torsions, and trigger point strengthening). Would love to hear from anyone who has read his book on PT for fibro.

Back to topic, good luck in your new career.


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