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Now a cold

Hi all been very down and aching alot, but I caught a cold and its awful. I have adult glue ear so my ears always block, my weak bladder is busy and every sneeze is a threat to my very sore back. I have a headache and feel rotten. Fibro is worse because im so rundown. Going to see doctor again soon, see whats next, I was told by Pain Mgmt Clinic that they didnt think it was appropiate for me. So Iam back to square one now. In my 5th year of chronic pain and still no further on. Its hard for us and we have to try and carry on no matter what though x

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I hear you ... I have fibro for 23 years with arthritis joining in 5 years ago... Apparantly I have arthritis in my neck was one side spreading to both now.. I have great medical back up but physio by me refuse to touch my neck ... I have meds for it but physio suggested they refer me for CBT, I am willing to try anything, have injections in my neck have exercises and if I pace myself much more I won't have to bother getting up in the morning but am always willing to try something new, have my assesment for it soon.... This is also my 5th year of chronic pain from arthritis so am wondering now if they will tell me the same as you not appropriate.... Ahh well I,ll let you know if I am rejected

Take care

VG x


Hello Realsorelady, so sorry to hear of the pain you are in at the moment. Have you considered asking your GP for a referral to a Rheumatologist, this might help you. You would be re-assessed, all the necessary tests carried out and hopefully given meds that would help regarding managing your pain and other symptoms.

It might be worth a try! Wishing you all the very best. Please let us know how you get on, I hope you find some comfort very soon.

We are always here for you and we will try to help and support you as much as we can.

(((hug))) xxx



Thanks for your replies, I have to go and see the doctor for a sick note for benefits anyway so Ill see what they say? Sue xx


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