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As a lady says time of month, waterfall, or painters are in

As a lady says time of month, waterfall, or painters are in

Having a rough ish time as these painters every month and think they can just make a mess of things .

I dont mind a waterfall as flows a little better at times .

But they been making me dizzy and nausea blurry vision and omg making me suffer a lot more they making me deadly fatigued and the hands helping out the lightening pain when strikes whilst they visit .

They were making my legs swell up with all the running around goodness me i do not particularly like these painters this month they are causing a lot of grief.

They have moved out now and thats why i was quiet this week its really tough

As the painters cause me a lot of grief in more ways than one

Its finally come to me that me doing any physical things makes worse and if those girls dont stop letting the team down i will snap like a crocodile they do not realise the suffering it causes when i have to help out due to taking the schmikel at times.

Getting rid not as easy as you think.

How are you all this very snowy sunny satdy

It truly came down like big dollops of fluff and settled like mountains xxxx

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Have you tried having the Depo, injectable contraceptive? My doctor put me on this and I have never had another period. Mine always used to be very painful (from my teens) and heavy so we saw this as the best answer especially as I had finished wanting more children.


It's definitely best to seek help if you have heavy or painful periods - there have been a lot of advances in treatment over the last five years, so don't suffer needlessly - go and nag your GP until you get some help!

Take care ... Love, Moffy x



I have suffered since i began had coils had alsorts except injection fear of weight gain no need fuss as lyrica has given me 2 stone and yes it's worrying.

I had a little op a few yrs ago and they put down to painful periods

I had my tubes tied 12 yrs ago and i feel that what i have researched they should be checked after 7 yrs. i feel am giving birth half the time, also its the symptoms that flare up either new or repeat of old ones.

I just plod on due to not really believing anything more can be done.

We cope but do not like it.

I will be booking back in as after 12 yrs on lansoperazole too my stomache and trying to swallow food is not brilliant either it is worse in evening and in monthlys the IBS and severe painful bloating is not nice.

Just feel like a whining ninny as much as i always laugh . Xx

Thanks any other ideas and help how you cope along side hot water bottles and resting xxx


hi lovely lady

re your symtoms when painters are in , could it be due to the paint , not the workmen ?

when i had surgery my pain was much worse at that time of the month . I thought i was imagining it but consultant said no its all to do with things swelling and pushing internal parts around , can't remember exact conversation

I had the linning of my womb removed which can make periods much lighter or stop them altogether, i refused a hysterectomy as i think surgery caused my fibro

take care xx


Thanks iris,

The painters have moved out but i am whoosh at minute feel got a vice on my head my balance is neither here or there, been shopping holding on every trolley slurping my feet, felt useless to help with packing so had done for me by hubby and checkout, sure she thought i was just a lazy cow as when she offered with packing and when i said yes please if do not mind she looked at me and was more or less throwing things threw i felt like hitting her with pizza box lol ohh grr just cos i look like a healthy brunette bimbo ffs its not funny feeling useless and weak.

I could hardly stand pain in base spine and my leg trunks feel drained feet heels and balls painful .

Maybe if i was pushed around in a chair they may take more seriously !!

Sorry for the rant my problems are being aired today i hurt so much and dizzy feeling and the fatigue wants knocking out .

I was bad last night so had glass or 2 wine and numbed it a bit.

Xxx how are you doing... Well you have replied inbox from last chat so will reply asap as now my son is here and a neighbour wants to come up so here i go again haha .

Whoop em condim star xxxxhigs


Hi, I have a mirena coil fitted, this is the one they use to stop heavy periods, I'm on my second one now and I do highly recommend one, they last 5years, my best friend suffered really badly with her periods and she feels so much better to. My gp fitted mine so perhaps it's worth a chat with yours.

Take care xxx


Hi yes the mirena coil is meant to be good. I tried it. It had the opposite effect on me lol. I now use Tranexamic acid tablets. I think that's spelt right. Its prescribed. I only take it during heavy times. It makes it much more manageable. My life savers.


I'm in agreement with angelfancea812,I've been having the depo injection for years and don't have the dreaded monthlies any more,I find it wonderfull for lots of reason...just have to remember to make the appointment with the nurse every 3 months!



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