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How its going, not well as usual

Hi all not been on for ages, to be honest been very down. Had a very very quiet xmas and was glad when it was over. I had another appeal hearing just before christmas and it was adjourned, then I recieve my home visit from DLA doctor and was told both ESA and DLA will be heard together. I got another date for appeal 18 Jan, and attended, waited round about an hour then was seen. Only to be told my ESA is only being heard and they will also have to adjourn. Im upset really, I have been this court about 7 times and walked away once two years ago when I won an appeal for ESA only to be denied it 6 months later. Im waiting for another date and this should be it, finally. had some evidence through from health records and all it says is how I have had back and neck pain and dianosis of fybro and degenrative disc disease and prolapsed discs and fuse bone in neck and mri scans and depression. I dont know if Im going to win my appeal but if I dont, what next for me. Its bad enough being ill so much without the stress of benefits, I have had some bad times because of it, had a very good Job of 12 years which I lost. Its terrible when you dont know how things are gonna turn out, I have tried every remedy available and Im still no better. I feel like I need to start again but Ive done that about 4 times already, Really fed up, especially with this weather too. sorry need someone to acknowledge me because I may as well be invisible like this damn illness

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you are not invisible hun, you're just being messed around but none of it is personal. they don't know you.

If you should lose your appeal do not lose hope. Appeal again. The people here will support you and understand you. if you haven't got the benefits & work info, get them from admin.

take care, gentle hug (( :) ))

sandra. x


how are you today?


Hi sandra thanks for asking, Im ok really, but I caught a cold and its making me worse with pain and little accidents. Been up and down, real sad, winter blues I think xx


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