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why me?

Hi i am so very fed up, i got letter from e,s,a, telling me i no longer entitiled to e,s,a as i didnt pass that bloody medical, in luton, the atos one, they have put on the letter all of my ilnesses, but they still failed me, they say i can comunicate well, they didnt listen when i said i cant stand for long, they took no notice that i get very tired, my i,b,s can come on all of a sudden, i just dont get why they bein so nasty, i wont get a job as who in theie right mind will employ somone with fibro, i,b,s, depression arthritis, e,t,c when they can employ a healthy person,, i have spent all day worrying about loosin that money, xx :(

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put in an appeal, this is so common and so unfair, please don't lose heart.

have you got the benefit & work guides? they do help.

when you get them print off the "your health" sheet:-

fill it in with short statements telling how bad things are;

make copies;

ask your gp and consultants to write letters of support, give them a copy, ask them to send the letters to you for your appeal pack; [copy them].

we'll support you on here.




Thank you Sandra, some good advice there. :) xxx


Get An appeal in quick , almost all of the first requests seem to get turned down you have to appeal . Don't loose hope. This new system is a computerised tick box. It's dysfunctional . I'm sure I am going to have same problem am e electing to get turned down first time. Go to CAB with your appeal. Get an appointment with them don't hang around with it. You need that money . Good luck x


Hello there Sandy, I am so sorry you didn't pass your medical. I do feel for you. It's a complex process and no-one knows how it's going to go, it's a tough time for anyone.

When you have picked yourself up a bit, you might think about appealing about the decision. Do you have the Benefits and Work info sheets, apologies if I am repeating myself here. If you haven't and you'd like them, we can send you them for free, they have lots of helpful info on ESA and DLA, completing forms, assessments and appealing etc.

Take one step at a time, make sure you rest tonight if you can and please remember we are always here for you and we will do our best to help and support you along the way.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi, I am a member if the benefits and work site. The problem is I can't seem to find the guides everyone talks about. I have just revived these firms and I'm dreading the outcome. The last time I went to the medical and got 0 points. Only to have 25/26? At the tribunal. Any help or advice would really be appreciated. Oh one last thing. Should I get the g.p to give me the reports my consultant sent to them or should I contact the consultant directly. Thanks Xxxx


log into the members' area and click on Best possible dla...for adults.

You could ask your gp and, if he can't give you copies, then ask the consultant.

good luck,



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