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Well would you 'adam and eve it' ???!!!!

Well would you 'adam and eve it' ???!!!!

Would you believe that after all the encouragement in everyone' s replies to my exercise post, I am all geared up (even got the cossie out) to go for a dip and find it isn't my self doubt that stops me but the weather!!!! Snow!!! White stuff everywhere!!! Do I laugh or cry? Probably the first choice, as I try to keep to the principal that my glass is always half full. Anyway it'll give me more time to try and shed a little Christmas pudge. So it'll be a snowy walk with my 2 beautiful cocker spaniels, Alffi and Twinkle. That'll both zonk me physically but uplift my spirit as they just love playing in the snow. But I think I'll just have another cuppa S x

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Hello Summer, firstly what an absolutely adorable picture, I think I'm in love lol! Gorgeous puppy! :)

Please be careful today, it's cold and quite treacherously icy and slippy out there. If you've got snow too, it might be better for you to stay in the warm today as we don't always react very well when it's this cold outside. You might be ok dealing with it today but it may catch up on you afterwards especially if you're trying a new activity too.

Have you spoken to your GP first about trying swimming to see if any extra advice may be needed? It may be advisable just to make sure it's suitable for you and also to ensure your symptoms remain under control afterwards.

I hope all this makes sense, any worries or concerns over this, please just ask. Always happy to help where we can.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



someone called Summer should not be out in the snow! that puppy is adorable, is he yours?




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