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I'd just like to thank Sarah-Jane for her recent post about getting relaxation recorded instructions, on her I-pad. I followed her example, and last night I got 5.5 hours, and better quality too. This is the best sleep I've had in more than 6 weeks, and this is definitely a suggestion I'd pass on to other people here who find sleep a problem.

Here's hoping that tonight will be as good, or, dare I say it? Even better!

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Yup they are great, hope this is the start of many good nights.... If you are up to it..... Get walking!!!!



I'll be going out soon boss - honest :)


Thank you for your kind words Kaz. There are plenty of different podcasts for free, which I am having fun trying out. I so need some sleep! Seems I am currently unable to drop off without. Still, back to work tomorrow so should be very tired after that!

Like the order to get walking - I can manage wandering around a room but cannot walk down the road, especially as I then have to walk back! FMs area for me is back and hips. Just got a puppy so hope to build walking up slowly together. She's a Cavalier King Charles so needs only a little exercise, especially in the first year.

Soft hugs and sweet dreams


I'm not actually using the same podcast as you mentioned in your previous post. I did find that today, and might try it this evening. The one I am using is just called relax with Andrew Johnson. I have no idea what it's like - I haven't heard it all the way through yet - LOL! :)

I actually went to the app store, rather than the podcast channel so found a whole lot of different ones. I donwloaded a whole load of freebies, and then deleted about half of them when I tried listening to them. There were some by a man who sounds just like the computer in Red Dwarf, depressed nasal twang! And the VERY bouncy, enthusiastic American woman, not relaxing at all! And then there are the one's with relaxing nature sounds - which are very much a matter of personal taste! Anyway, it's the whole idea which is useful and it's great to know there are so many free aids to choose from!

I am trying to build up my activity levels, as my NY resolution, and VG is kindly helping me to stay on track. Good luck with your puppy.




Whilst I agree this sounds like a great idea, and I will try it in the future I find listening to Ozzy does me more good. To survive I need to be sane and his music keeps me sane xxxxx


We each have to find what works for us, and I personally wouldn't find his music relaxing enough to go to sleep to, which doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy it at other times - lol!


I think it depends what you listen too. He does a few nice ballads which I find quite calming. I had one on the other day and hubby never realised it was Ozzy lol until I told him. He just automatically assumed 'heavy rock'. That really tickled me to bits. Sometimes I may put classical music on, I have such a wide range of stuff I like, the only thing I do not like is Cheryl Cole lol xxxxx


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