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Digging deep....again!

Hi everyone, I've been reading the posts for months and forgot I'd signed up!! fibro fog joy! ;-) I'm a survivor of fibromyalgia and hyper mobility syndrome...i have two teenage boys who finally understand the game of chess my body plays with itself, who do what they can to help and run like the wind when they can. I've taken years to build up a network of friends who simply get me, i have a doctor who believes me and trusts me. As i write the pain it's almost comical but i will stretch, oil pull (please look, into this) and spent the next few hours getting ready to join friends for dinner. I do many things to alleviate my symptoms and i will write more...i would advise that people treat themselves holistically...mind, body and soul and keep in touch with their sense of humour! I'm 40 this year and instead of slowing down I've joined a band (i go to rehearsals in all states! I love the boys in the band..they are not too sympathetic and make me laugh :-)) I've also learnt to drive which brings different symptoms but in more scenic places. This condition is relentless and ridiculous but it makes me grateful for the smallest things and out makes me push myself to colour my memories with something other than pain and mind trauma...i hope you all have a good day and you squeeze something positive out of it as that it's our responsibility. :-)

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Well done you... I too regard myself as a survivor I,m in my 40s had fibro for 23 years... 4 years ago it got lonely and brought me arthritis to keep it company, but I still find different things to try as the things I used to do become impossible... I can't drive anymore But i can manage a mobilty scooter.. :) Would love to hear more about your holistic approach as I only take meds at night everything I have tried for day makes me feel worse with side affects so would love to know what you do

Thanks for such a lovely post



Thank you VG :-) I use lots of things to help me get through...sometimes. Here's a few herbal teas Camomile (soothing), nettle (b vitamins and bowel wakener), raspberry and echinacea (immune support), cherry and cinnamon (anti inflammatory) These are just a few! Dead sea bath salts to get magnesium direct into the body and soothe the muscles, evening primrose for skin and hormones, dancing a workout but at my own pace....zumba hurt me hee here :-D. I find stretching as much as possible throughout the day helps, smiling, gentle strolls, self massage if possible the face it's good if it hurts to do anywhere else. I use so many things but sometimes a good rest is the only thing...I've recently stared gargling with hydrogen peroxide 3% to help clear constant cold viruses and bacteria...please read up in this thoroughly. My main physical thing I like to keep in check is my digestion...the amount of toxins that go back into our system because of poor digestion. I'll stop now before i bore us all but i hope that helps and if one of those listed has a positive effect on you...I'll be happy...mix out all up don't let the body suss you out..fibromyalgia comes at us from all different angges and we can do the same to it....the cheeky bleeder! X


As you can see i didn't read this through before i hit reply but I know you'll understand what I'm going on about...I'm on my o phone...say no more :-)


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