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In case of emergency.

Like a lot of people on this site I have other conditions as well as Fibromyalgia.

In my purse I keep a printed list of all of my conditions,how they affect me and the medication prescribed for each condition (I specify which medication is for which condition) I also put my personal details such as next of kin & name and address etc.

This could save a lot of uncertainty were I to have an accident & couldn't tell people these things myself.

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Dear Amanda,

I would always advocate this to people, being an ex Staff Nurse if you are unable to communicate due to sickness, it is invaluable information. I also have ICE in my phone , so any medical professionals have contact numbers of my next of kin to hand if necessary. You probably have already , as you seem really organised but a I would put a small pouch / bag aside with 2 days of medications in. So you can ask your family or friends to bring to you should you need as some of our medication (if unusual) may not be immediately to hand, so good to have in case you need them.

This is purely based on my experience of ringing around every ward for a certain medication when the pharmacy was closed. We always located them in the end but sometimes it may take a while ringing around the many wards. So the pouch is handy as you can take them when you need them without the wait.

Great post, Thank you



I'd never thought of carrying medication.I do always carry my lunchtime meds but not the others,also a good idea!


Brilliant idea Amanda! I honestly never thought of that before about listing the meds,I do know that you should have I.C.E next to someone's name on your mobile,should anything happen that's who they call,I will deffinately make a list and keep with me..xx


I have an SOS bracelet. I must admit I don't like it so don't actually wear it but its always in my handbag. It has all my conditions & the long list of meds


Great idea but I wouldn't keep it in my purse I have lost so many but on a card in a coat pocket would be a great idea,

Thanks for that

VG x


It could be laminated ,this may be annoying for people like me who seem to come away from the Drs with a different medication each visit lol!


I have hubby and my two sons' names with ICE and then numbers 1, 2 and 3 on my phone. It's always best to be prepared. (ICE1 to contact first etc)

I only take painkillers these days for my Fibro and always carry a supply in my handbag.

It pays to be prepared. :)

Thanks for posting this info Amanda, it's something we should all take note of.

(((hug))) xxx



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