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Extra Achey

Hi Guys,

Feeling very achey today even with all my meds,

Just had my tea, can be a struggle with stick in one hand and trying to put things in the oven with my other.

Feel exhausted now, just looking at the washing up makes me feel tired, thats what happens when you havent got a partner to help you.

It will prob still be there tomorrow lol......Just what you need when you get up....

Got lots of pain in my back so ive got a hot water bottle on it, and my left leg is very painful.

Finished my moan now, waiting to watch The Town on ITV1

Hope you are all feeling ok on this wet night

Blog soon

Sue xx

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hey sorry to hear of your pain today xx just leave the washing up hun! the bonus of living alone:) hope you sleep well and wake up better xx alexandra


My washing up's been sitting there for a couple of days... just wish the window cleaner hadn't come yesterday! Oh well, its not the first time he'll have seen a pile of dirty dishes, and probably not the last either.

Wishing you better days to come xxx


I hope you start to feel better soon. I wish I could leave my dishes but unfortunately I cannot. If I leave them I cannot relax and I have to come back down and do them lol. But your dishes can wait, one night won't hurt xxxxx


Thanks for all your advice, I ended up doing them later in the evening lol.

Thanks again.

Sue xx


I too live alone (and leave the washing up if I feel too achy or tired). I don't worry about it too much unless someone's coming round. I have a lady come in once a week to clean my flat and that's a great help. If you can afford it go for it as it's worth every penny to have her. Hope you have a much better day. hugs to you.

Sheila x


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