a gift to you all

I am sending out a gift

To you and all my friends.

Use it all you want,

It never, ever, ends.

I've stored it on a cloud,

That's not so far away.

You just reach out and take it,

It's there every single day.

It's filled with loving thoughts,

Hugs, good wishes too.

And if you want to take them out,

They're all addressed to you.

You can never, ever empty it,

[try, it's not a race]

For every 1 that you take out...

100 take its place!

You may never need one,

They're there for if you do.

Because they are my special gift,

With love from me to you!

written by me today.

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  • Thank you Sandra, that's lovely! :)


    (((hug))) xxx


  • Awwww sooo good xxxx

  • thankyou.

    and to you too!


  • feel free to pass it on.

    It's based on something my Mum used to do.

    If someone had suffered a loss, illness or depression or she just felt they needed it, she would give a teddy full of hugs. She'd hold it in her and and fill it with good wishes and positive thoughts, give it away, and tell them what it holds, as in my poem. I just made it rhyme. People have told me how it helped and often, carried it on, as I have. It's easier for me now to get little teddies & toy animals due to the rise in £1 shops, she had to pay more, but the thought is the same.



  • What a lovely lady your mum must have been and she has passed on her goodness to you.

    Love and hugs Saskia XX

  • thank you for the poem,

    the thoughts and love

    are just what we all need

    It does make me smile :)

    So I send you hugs and warm Crimbo laughter xgins

  • Thanks Sandra.

    It's a lovely poem, and such a lovely idea behind it.

    And much needed right now!



  • Lovely Sandra

    VG xxx

  • the poem was lovely

    merry christmas

    gentle hugs

    Belinda x

  • Love it thanx sooooo much merry christmas x

  • Thats lovely.May I wish you a Happy Festive time and a Happy Healthy New Year 2013.

  • Lovely Sandra, my best wishes to you and yours. May better health come to all on this site and the many more that suffer with fibro x

  • Beautiful. x

  • Thanks, Sandra, for such a lovely poem. You are truly gifted. Perhaps you could have your poems published one day.

    Have a lovely Christmas. Saskia XX

  • that was lovely Sandra, have a great christmas.

    Sue xx

  • aww thankyou Sandra , you really are our CHRISTMAS ANGEL. i hope you have a lovely

    christmas and all your dreams come true xx

    warm hugs to you all xx

  • What a lovely thing to pass on, I hope you don't mind if I carry on using the idea!

    Have a good Christmas all! x

  • please do

  • thank you sandra -- that was really lovely!! xx

  • This is so lovely hun. My family and I send you the warmest wished for Xmas and the New Year xxxxx

  • ty xx what a beautiful poem xxx big hug x

  • thank you everyone, I'm touched.



  • Thank you Sandra, that's lovely

  • Beautiful poem, your Mum sounds like a very special lady xx

  • thankyou she was. I had a lovely Mum & Dad.

  • how lovely that was happy christmas sandra

  • thankyou nicely

    [my parents always said "say thankyou nicely!" hohoho

  • Happy christmas, you poem is loverly x

  • Sandra merry christmas, your poem is loverly x

  • thats very sweet, mery xmas to u xx

  • thankyou,

    season's greetings!


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