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How do you keep organised?

My fibrofog has turned my already disorganised brain to mush! I've never been great at keeping on top of tasks and deadlines (for a manager, this isn't good), but since fibro hit, I seem to gaze at the computer aimlessly, lose track of what I was doing, lose the motivation to complete what I started ... the list goes on. I basically end the day with 4 half-finished tasks, none of which were as urgent as the 12 things I forgot about completely!

Has anyone found any good ways of tackling this, and sticking with their solutions?

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Every year my OH buys me a things to do today notebook, I write everything for the next day in it last thing at night and use it to write lists when I go out .... I would be lost without it it's not small so it's very hard to lose I couldn't cope without it.....



I have a program on the computer with everything I need to do and it has birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, things to do etc.

When I get up the first thing I do is turn on the computer and that is before the tea/coffee, toilet or any thing. when I have had my shower/wash or whatever and with my hot drink I then look at what the day has in store for me. without my calendar i would be totally lost.

I imagine every one has their own system that works for them, this one is mine.

All it is is the calendar app in Mountain Lion. this is the same app as with the iPad an iPhone so if you have them you can sync them all together.

Good luck for the future and kindest regards



Yes I have a diary with a page a day where I write things in, I also have a things to do list which I cross anything off that I have done that day and whats left gets coppied onto the next day. I think the trick is to pick one easy thing and 1 harder or longer thing, start with the harder, tick it off then do the easy one and tick that off and you will have such a sense of achievement that it may carry you on to the next.

Things on my list can be as simple as phone ?????? Post??????Research???????????

Go to the bank??????I could not live without my list

Good luck and remember to pace yourself xxx


In the good old days when I was in full time employment I had an end of day routine. I would clear the top of my desk, get a clean sheet of paper and brain dump everything I needed to do the next day. I would then go through it, numbering the tasks in order of importance. I would then leave this on my desk, when I came in the next morning, I would glance at it, and know straight away what my first job of the day had to be.

Now, like VG, I write a list last thing at night. Often, I then go through and put times next to the different tasks, so I can work out how to fit everything in, and what time I need to set my alarm for.

Talking of which I'd better go and write tonight's list, and get some zzzzz's. hope it helps.

Kaz. xx


hi sooty,b, yes my fibrofog is gettin worse, today (wed) my daughter and i went xmas shoppin, although we had a lovely time i am now bloody knackered, i went in this shop and wanted to ask if they have ant xmas stockings, at the time of askin i could not get the words out, i felt so very silly, it b good if we could wear a badge tellin people wat we have,,xx


I have a badge on my work lanyard saying 'Warning: Fibro Fog' ... they can't say they weren't warned! ;) xx


Hi, meet your mate and many others on here. My forgetfulness drives the family insane at times. I have calendars everywhere and that is where all appointments go, each appointment on every calendar. Also I write them down in my diary and on umpteen bits of paper too. Anything that is said on the phone like figures or dates etc I repeat out loud and hubby jots it down. I have the addresses of three very close friends and I have them in address books, on bits of paper, anywhere I can find a space to write on, just so I do not lose them. Fibro fog gets us all in the end and whilst others may find it funny we find it embarrassing. Well I used to, now I just laugh along at my stupidity xxxxx


oh yes i find fibro fog very embarrassing, i was chattin to someone who just cant seem to get i have fibromyalgia, and when in mid convo i just lost it, she said oh wats up got altzimers, i know she may of just been tryin to have a laugh but it happens a lot at the moment, i dont like goin out much, i am gettin better at just laughin it off now, xx


Thank God for the invention of the Iphone. Everything goes in there, and I always have it with me, so I soon as I remember something in goes in my notes, which is also synced to my email so the note goes to my pc and laptop as well. Ad my wrists hands sometimes ache a lot, I speak my notes on my Iphone, and have voice recognition on my pc & laptop so can type documents just by speaking. Technology has really helped, where I just used to rely on my brain. I used to have an excellent memory, now everything turns too mush.


Thanks for these fab ideas, folks! Being more organised (or at least less disorganised!) is going to be one of my new year's resolutions! xx


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