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Laugh I nearly cried :/

Had one of those moments today where I had to see the funny side.. I was trying to put a furry collar back on a coat that I had washed when I met my arch nemesis buttons!!

I desperately tried to do the slippery little suckers into their elastic loops but without success.

I looked around for help and saw a biro on the table,the pen was too big to hold the elastic hoops open but the lid worked brilliantly and was able to loop the buttons shut.

The joys of arthritis and Fibro....

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hi its a good job we have a sense of humour and a knack for working out how to deal with these pasky items, i struggle to open jars so my hubby got me a jar opener , sounded a great idea but - i can't hold it to work it so no good.

i also struggle with tin openers so have an electric 1 hmm can't use that either as for ring pulls they now use !!! grrrr .


Humour if you can find it helps loads! Like the time I first went to take my MMorphine and couldn't get in the bottle! Every day items can be such a challenge to us can't they!


here's a tip with your tins and ring pulls. One touch do a tin opener where you just push a button ... I've already worn one out and had to buy a replacement. They also do a jar opener based on the same idea ... it's on my list to get now my hands are getting weaker by the day. Both are available at Argos.

My Dad thought up a way of getting into ring pulls for me, it's clumsy but it is easier. Use a fork to lift the ring a little - enough to slide in the handle of a wooden spoon - then use the wooden spoon as a lever - just lean on it. The top comes off reasonably easily.

I also think betterware do a tool for getting off the ring pull lids aswell. I have a feeling I've seen them at lakeland too.

We need a special place to share these tips I think seen as we all seem to struggle with these things.

I had to drive to my Dad's earlier for him to get a lid off something for me ... then I drove all the way home again only to find under the lid was one of those foil stuck on seal ... I can't do them either!!! I laughed and grabbed a sharp knife and cut it off instead lol


good idea re tips , you could suggest it to admin ? x


I often laugh at my own mishaps and strugglings, it keep me going. And laughing at others is like a medicine lol, when they are laughing too that is xxxxx


One word comes to mind velcro everywhere. ...


I have a coat with a collar you remove for washing, last time it took me ages to replace it after washing only to realise I'd replaced it upside down! I'm glad you used the pen lid... I was half expecting to read that you'd got the collar back on but drawn scribbles all over your coat! LOL


Luckily there were no scribbles lol although maybe next time I might just wash the coat with the dam thing on!

Liking velcro,wouldn't be so good on my jeans tho,one caramel latte and a muffin later and riiiippp!! x


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