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Dreading it

Hi all, just needed to write this for my own sanity, I got my first counselling appt today to help with my depression, it will be the third time in 5 years. I hope the person is on my wave lenght or I wont be able to open up as it were. I then tomorrow I got my DLA appeal in liverpool, I hate these things, I got turned down last time but now I got a diagnosis and a doctors letter of support I am just hoping I can have this help I so need. I lost my Job of 12 years and was threw off ESA in Feb after a failed medical, I have had every step of my illness blighted by either medical people and DWP because they treat you as if your lying, I have never felt so ill, When I got Gastric Enteritis last year I had to go in hospital and I have learned that if you have IBS and get a vomiting bug you can come very ill. I didnt know this until recently. Fingers crossed I get a positive outcome tomorrow, I am so dreading it, I wouldnt mind, I woke up today and I cant even turn my stiff neck and the pain radiating down my spine is 9 out 10 the painkillers are starting to work but Im soooo tired and my head hurts I dont need this stress that the DWP keep putting upon us!!

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Oww you poor thing ,these tribunals are a nightmare arent they.I get depression to ,I just want to give you some love and support for tomorrow try not to worry Big hugs Ness x


Hello Realsorelady, I hope your counselling goes well for you today and that you feel better for it. It helps to off load to someone impartial and enables us to process issues we are finding difficult to deal with sometimes. I hope you have someone nice talking to you today.

Please let us know how it goes.

You mentioned getting a vomiting bug with IBS - the main problem with this is the risk of dehydration. With having IBS you tend to lose more fluid and then having a vomiting bug the loss of fluids is also increased. Keeping hydrated is very important as you can become very poorly with dehydration and you may require hospital treatment. There is also the risk of contamination.

If you email is at we can send you the Benefits and Work info sheets for free. These will give you information on ESA and DLA. I hope you find these helpful. Hopefully they will help you a little for your appeal tomorrow.

I hope this has been helpful to you, wishing you all the very best for today and tomorrow. Please let us know how it all goes for you.

(((hug))) xxx


Yes, good luck from all of us for today and tomorrow. We will all keep our fingers crossed for you. I know we live in tough financial times but I don't think some of these officials have a clue how much stress and distress that they cause genuinely ill people like yourself. Please remember to let us know how you get on. Jane x


Thanks all, I have the DLA/ESA notes and Im checking them. I will let you know how it goes if im not crying. The counsellor seems nice but too early to say yet. I got me stiff little fingers crossed x


Good luck tomorrow

I hope it goes well for you


I do hope your counselling goes well. I say the best counsellor you could ever get is one who has suffered depression in the past themselves. I think it would be a useful qualification for them to have actually. Because like fibro, unless you have it then you do not know what the sufferer is going through. As for your appeal takeit in your stride hun. One of the things they will ask is 'how are you feeling today' and 'how were you in(insert month here)(they normally pick a date between the ATOS medical date and the refusla date). Many people make the mistake of saying they are worse and that is not what they want to hear. I just said I was at my worst at the month he gave me but my health fluctuates from day to day. They watch your mannerisns. If you have said you cannot sit for more than five minutes and then you have sat still for ten then they dismiss your statement of five minutes. SO if you can try in your head to count to whatever time you have stated. So if you have to move after 2 minutes, count to 120, 60 seconds per minute should get it right give or take a few seconds. If you feel uncomfortable shift about in the chair, but try not to put too much weight onto your arms in doing so as that would denote good arm strength. They watch you from the minute you enter the building to the minute you leave again and there are normally cameras outside, so try not to look around to find them. I will come on here tomorrow to see how things have gone for you xxxxxx


Good luck and my thoughts are with you, want to write more to you and offer support but my fingers hurt and wont work properly yet this morning and meds havent kicked in yet, but you are in my thoughts and please let us all know how you get on.....gentle hugs...Charlii xx


Thanks all, I went to my tribunal yesterday and it was adjourned. They never recieved my letter from the specialist neurosurgeon to say I had degenerative disc disease and Fybromyalgia, so I suppose its good really because I felt I got some compassion, even though they told me to be quiet twice because the rep from the DWP spoke utter bullshit, saying I hadnt seen a specialist for my back or a specialist for my waterworks problem, I have obviously, so the Judges ordered that I have my GP notes sent to them from 01/01/2010, and I have my ESA appeal heard along side my DLA appeal and I have to have a home visit from a DLA doctor. I feel this can only be good for me. I just wondered if anyone has had a DLA doctor home visit? Im a little worried because he may come on a good day, what do I have to do? Would love to hear your comments! Sue x


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