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Motability has admitted that up to 100,000 disabled people could have to hand back the vehicles they lease under its car scheme, because of the government’s cuts and reforms to disability living allowance (DLA).

Motability currently has about 600,000 customers, who all use their higher rate mobility component of DLA to lease a vehicle.

But the government’s reform of working-age DLA, which will see it replaced by a new personal independence payment (PIP), will involve cuts of 20 per cent to spending by 2015-16, with an estimated 500,000 working-age disabled people losing their right to DLA/PIP.

Disabled people will only continue to be eligible to lease a vehicle through the Motability scheme if they are awarded the PIP enhanced mobility element.

Motability admitted for the first time this week, during a workshop at a conference organised by Disability Rights UK, that an estimated 100,000 of its customers – based on government forecasts – could lose their eligibility for the scheme over the three years to 2016.

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They took my car last year I'm struggling to put a car on road now it's insurance tax ect over food,


I worry about this. If I lose my car, I lose my mobility. My DLA mobility component was stopped once before and it took so long to appeal and get it reinstated that if I'd not been driving my own car at the time, I think I would probably have had to hand a car back. So its something thats worried me even more since my old car got scrapped and I got a Motability car earlier this year.


The Welfare Rights guy I have says that they are not just doing it for this, but they are doing it because they see that some people claim the DLA and get their car, but instead of getting a bog standard car, whatever that means, they get a big posh car. He said another thing that he has heard mentioned is that DLA claimants claim to be disabled etc but it may actually be seen as 'they can drive a car, they could do a driving job'. This in my opinion would be very wrong indeed. A lot of people have the car but do not drive it themselves so I guess they would accept it. But I think they are going down the same lines as ESA, for instance, if you can travel to the WCA then you can travel to work, not taking into consideration how a person health problems may fluctuate. I could be wrong but with the governments thinking I may not be wrong. The system stinks and genuine people are suffering because of it xxxxx


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