Petition to Government re PIP Requiring Signatures

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Create an impartial ombudsman to put PIP mandatory service levels in place

The DWP want to cut costs, but the costs are rising due to disabled people having to have claim reviewed and then appealed. A high number of cases are overturned at appeal meaning PIP is paid plus the administration of reviewing a case which should have been awarded in the first place.

More details

pip success rate new claimants 47%

pip success rate DLA to PIP migrations 74%

pip success rate average overall 60.5 % (before tribunals)

pip failure rate 39.5%

65% of claimants will go to tribunal

The ombudsman should be able to put statutory service levels in place to protect disabled people and the DWP against failures of quality made by 3rd party contractors such as atos and capita

33 Replies

  • Thanks for sharing this my friend. I have just signed it but it only has 35 signatures at the moment. So it would be wonderful if as many members as possible could help out and sign this please! :)

  • Still only 60 Ken. Can FMAUK help here? This must affect other people with chronic diseases.

  • Hi annacruachan I will message somebody and see if we can get it on the other forum / site? :)

  • I can't get this to work, what am i doing wrong.

    I was going to put a picture in but can't find a camera icon on here.

    When i get to the end a new window pops up telling me to check my email and can't sign until i click on the link ?

  • The full link URL is

  • is there any way to link where we can sign i can pretty much state there is not a single person that wouldn't sign this if they could

  • The full link to the page is

  • Signed

  • I clicked the top link everything went great till it said clink the link in your email u haven't signed till u click the link in ur email only I've not been sent an email

  • Have you checked your junk mail just in case?

  • Have a look in your junk, that's where i found mine x

  • Same here ference50 , if gone through the whole process several times but no e-mail has been sent to me to finalise my signing !!!

    Hope this can be sorted soon

  • Might be an idea to put the petition on face book, this would be a good platform and you would get more signatures, I have friends who have fibro and it will just roll, I am happy to do this if needed

    I have had a fairly good few days apart from the pins and needles and ankle giving way.

  • It's already on Facebook & Twitter just needs some sharing around.

  • Thank you for posting this link signed

  • Signed x

  • I have done it thanks, the email that they send you had gone to my Junk folder, I must have 6 in from them 😂 x

  • Signed

  • Mine was in junk as well.....I think I must have signed so many times....spread the word!!!

  • As far as I can tell there are only 74 signatures at present....Have sent it to friends and family please let's get the number up!!!!!

  • Done ! No.75 so far 😊😊

  • Signed and shared on facebook, up to 81 now, x

  • Signed and shared.

  • Hi Thankyou for this, I have signed and posted it to my public profile on Facebook asking everyone to sign and share.

  • Done 😃

  • It was in the junk mail box that's me signed

  • Number 107 for me!

  • Signed x

  • signed x

  • Hi.check your junk mail. That's where I found mine then click on the link. I was 117, I thought it would have been higher. come on get involved .

  • Just signed now 121 now I think lol.

  • just signed and posted to my face book and asked everyone to sign it to hope this help's

    think we are at 134 now

  • 142 NOW!

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