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So after my optimistic post yesterday, my employer said she can't offer a phased return to work because of the nature of my work. I can't go back until I can go full time again.

I've taken the step of emailing my local CAB to see if I can do anything to protect myself or get this recognised formally so that my employer will understand. Her words were "so this is a permanent thing then"...I expected more of her.

I'm desperately unhappy...I haven't been able to go out in case I'm "seen" by parents. I'm cooped up and getting lower and lower.

In desperation, I've even booked acupuncture for Thursday for the first time to see if it will help.

I'm not sure how much more I can take between my family telling me to get over myself and my employer making me feel useless.

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am sorry to read that your return to work isnt going to happen as hoped. I imagine they're thinking "insurance" as well as other things. am not sure why you can't go out for fear of being seen by parents - you do after all have a life to live and have need to be outside.

Fibro is a recognised condition. Have you got info to pass to your employers? As for your family, give them the literature too!


I've tried all the literature...I just don't think people tend to care any more...I'm 27 and been ill for so long people are bored.

I don't even want to keep on going today. All I was ever good at was my job and now that's slipping away.


Have you tried contacting the Occupational Health Dept? They might be able to help you by advising the head teacher on what they can do to support your return to work. Employers are expected to make reasonable adjustments in order to facilitate this. Try to stay strong and find somebody to help you to argue your case. Jane x


I've asked if we can speak to them. I don't think it's seen as a disability, and because I don't have the clear marked disabled label I find I am being brushed aside.

My head is all over the place :-(


I really do feel for you Mrscats. I'm off work too at the moment, due to go back on 10th December. I'm lucky I can go back on a phased return if I want to. I'm seeing Occupational Health next week so I'll know that what's going to be put in place. It makes a huge difference knowing that I'll be supported when I go back. I'm not sure who you work for, but it's worth pursuing a phased return if you can. I hope there is someone who can speak up for you. Perhaps your doctor can give your employers a letter to explain what you need. Hope you feel better soon. xxx


I feel so sad that this has noot gone the way you wanted it. I am shocked by her attitude, you would think they would be glad to help you get back into your job. What a silly person she is xxxxx


I'm so sorry to hear about that, surely you are legally entitled to a phased return if your disability is recognised. Mind you, my disability IS finally recognised by my work, on paper at least, it only took 18 months. I had to PROVE I am ill by providing Doctors letters, hospital letters, etc. I have still found my bosses very callous and I now have 3 months to find a new job or I'll be out on my arse. I have been taken down the disciplinary route when I have done nothing wrong:-( My union rep says I should just accept it and "go with the flow". My HR department are looking at re-deployment but there are no guarantees. I hope that your boss becomes more understanding. Check up on employment laws and the Equality Act 2010, there may be something you can use. Hugs xxxx



As people have mentioned you do have rights in regards to your employment and I hope these links will help advise you.

Please also look at the FibroAction website Benefits page for details of organisations that can provide free legal advice:

Best Wishes



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