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20 mg fluoxetine (Prozac) and 5mg Amitriptaline taken together

Hi everyone,

I am currently taking 20mg Fluoxetine for pmt (which is helping a lot) and am also taking Amytriptaline 5mg (I was on 10mg but really couldn't cope with the spaced out feeling combined with the Fluoxetine). Is anyone else taking this combination of medication sucessfully? I have been taking the Fluoxetine for 17 days and this morning I woke up groggy and was spaced out until about 2pm with just the 5mg dose! I haven't been like this previously with this medication but am worried that its only just getting into my system properly. Anyone else's experience of this combination of medication would be appreciated. Thank you. Soft hugs xxx

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It can have this effect on you for the first week or so. If it persists after the first week get in touch with your GP. I am not on this combination but was many many moons ago and the spaced out feeling stopped for me after the first 7 days xxxxx


When changing medications it can take some time for them to fully kick in and for their full effect to commence. Sometimes side effects can be felt at the start but will wear off once the meds settle down and we become more used to them.

If you have any concerns regarding your meds or their side effects, it's always best to have a word with your GP who hopefully will reassure you on this.

Please don't stop taking any of your meds without prior consultation with your GP. :)


Hi their i'm on 40mg of fluoxitine and 75 to 100 mg of amatryptaline and i'm fine with this combination but i did have a setteling in period and i had what i call the matryp hangover and it was awful i nearly gave up but my doctor said to persist and my body would get used to it and i have and for me i would be an emotional and physical mess if i wasn't on them, stay strong and you will be ok i'm sure but like Libertyz don't just stop untill advised by doctor as the effect can be bad.

Hope you feel relief soon xxx


Thank you everyone for your advice and support it really is appreciated. I am starting back on the 5mg Amitriptaline tonight. Fingers crossed I'm not too spaced in the morning! I have taken it at 6.15pm tonight so am hoping I will be okay.

Love and soft hugs xxx

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oops didn't mean to copy the words "reply to this" lol. xxx


How did it go?

I found it was best for me to just get up and keep busy in order to get through the amatryp hangover.



Hi, I'm fine this morning after 5mg! Maybe it was just a one off strange day. All very confusing!!! At the weekend I'm going to try 10mg when I don't have to worry about getting in the car to go anywhere. Thanks again for all the advice, much appreciated. Soft hugs. xxxx


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