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incapacity benifit

i am worried this morning i had a letter to say that i will be recieving a phone call in the next 2weeks to assess me for employment and support allowance? dont know what this is then a questionnaire called limited capability for work!!!!! oh all this fills me with dread i am so usless when it comes to things like this and it makes me feel so degraded that i am trying to get somthing i dont deserve if this makes sense, then it says i will have to attend a back to work assessment !!!are these people serious i would give anything to be able to work instead of being cooped up all day,sorry to go on but this is really worrying me......x

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the phone call is simply them reading the letter youv'e just received out to you then they ask have you any questions I have just received my form and I know you need to tell them about your worst day ie base all your answers on your worst day but I'm also frightened that I may forget to put all my symtoms on my worst day as it's all I can manage to get outta bed to the bathroom and bac. I was awarded DLA indefinately but this is set to change also.

I do know how u feel as I had always worked I'm 47 now and have been out of work 8 yrs after having spinal surgery.



Get yourself a welfare an benefits solicitor m8 I'm going through the same got my letter yesterday,


email admin

and ask for the benefit & works info.




ty all very much for your replys


yes the phone call is to check you got the form before they send out the next one as the next one has a time limit on it. Also if you don't understand anything it to gives you a chance to ask any questions of how they follow through to the next steps,, i have actually known some people not even to get the phone call, but I did. They were very nice and it also enabled me to have a contact to where to call if i wasn't sure about anything on the form. They said they will be sending out the questionnaire that you need to complete and as has been said above, email admin for the benefit and works info as it goes in to how best to fill out the form. be honest and accurate, tell them how it is on your worst day… I was advised that on the phone call too :)

Its a horrible long form, but I just a bit a day. Best thing is to photo copy it so you can fill it in rough first off then send them the neater copy.. i say that, as even the one I sent them wasnt very neat!! good luck xxx


I have been through this and what really annoys me is the fact they ask you one set of questions on the form and the descriptors they use to either say yay or nay are totally different. I was incapacity for 20+ years and when it came time for ESA I was miraculously cured by one fo their doctors. Some people get it and some don't, some are fibro sufferers and some are not. It makes the mind boggle as to how they justify all this. But I wish you luck, fill it in as though you are having your worst day and get medical backup if you can xxxxx


couldnt help just picking up on your reply ozzygirl64, I am so astounded that your got incap for 20+ years they they stopped it. I hope you went for appeal. I hap to admit I don't think mine was awarded for fibro as it was wasnt as such mentioned on the medical form, I have other problems too, but i hate the way the doctors only use the word musculoskeletal, i know that covers part of fibro, so that straight away rules out all the other symptoms we get with it.

I wish all doctors whoever they work or whether it be NHS private or even ATOS, I wish they all followed the same rules and not put their own personal view on medical conditions. if they can't do that why should they have the job..... sorry for moaning, but I hate hearing when others lose benefit just because they obviously didnt listen to you or read your claim.

I o hope you got it back (sorry if I have missed posts about your claim I only the daily update email as I tend to only pop on here once a day) xxx (((hugs)))


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