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Me again...more tests

So today I swapped my 24 hour heart monitor for a echo scan. I had to lay. My left side with my arms above my head...really??? I pleaded for a little help but she was rather unhelpful! The scan was quite painful as I seem to be tender over my lower left ribs which seemingly was her fave spot lol. No results yet...have to wait and that's the killer isn't it.

Also got a follow up appointment for my ultrasound on my ovarian cyst for mid November (further away than it should be) and its internal this time which automatically sends me running scared! Can't stand anything like that...was bad enough being topless today :-(

My lovely husband though bought me a bag of cookies (not supposed me be eating wheat but shhh) and I'm curled up in the sofa now and gonna attempt to make a cuppa.

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Hi Mrscats, I'm glad that your OH is looking after you, he clearly knows the way to a girls heart lies with cookies;-) . I have had all the tests that you have mentioned, I really struggled with lying with my hands above my head too. They left me there like that so long the pain turned to numbness and I couldn't move at all when they eventually pulled me out of the machine! Try not to worry too much about the internal scan though. I have had several now, also for ovarian cysts and I can honestly say that it is not as bad as you might imagine it to be and is over quite quickly too. So try not to get too stressed about it as that might make your condition worse. Good luck and don't forget to let us know how you get on. All best wishes. Jane x


Thanks Jane, I feel reassured :-) its always good to have someone who has been there and got the t shirt! X


Wishing you all the very best Mrscats, it's always best to have these tests and scans etc., best to be on the safe side and have the recommended treatments.

I hope it all goes well for you, we are all here for you. Please let us know how you get on regarding the results etc. Take care. (((hug))) xxx


All these tests, they must drive us insane from time to time. As for the internal scan I have had one of those because of ovarian cysts, they found one the size of a tangerine, but it went away of its own accord. When I went the gilr could see I was nervous and she said showing me the instrument to be used 'this thing was invented by a man, how typical' and I laughed so much I nearly wet myself. It was not too bad though. My daughter has had a few of these done, she has polyscytic ovaries as well as a tilted womb and cervial erosion. She said too that the scans were not too bad. So you will be okay. Hope all goes well xxxxx