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hiplease help


i have been feeling dreadfull for 9 months now , i snapped my achillies an year ago but started to ache all over bout 9 months ago , my back neck and shoulders seem to be the worst , tired 24 /7 and no energy , iv manged back to a few games of hockey but ache all over after game , ive been bothered with a sore mouth and cold hand and feet and getting up to toilet in the night , could i possibly have fibro

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sorry but your doctor will have to answer that,i kept going to doctors with all sorts of complaint's,beginning to think i was imagining it all ,i thought maybe he was too.He eventually sent me to physio,i explained to physio my pains and after numerous visits he refered me back to doc's with a report unknown to me .He suggested i may have fibro,i think between them they confirmed it.But don't forget this has to be over a period of time going bacck and forth with lots of ailments.I'd never heard of it till then lovingly jacksiex


ye iv been going back and for for 6months now and feel like i a hyphocondraic, iv never said to doctor about it yet as thought id sus someone out first


Go to your Doc and ask to be sent to a Rheumatologist he/she will know if you have fibro and tey will be able to get blood tests done and xrays if necessary. Do go good luck xgins


Hello lorsinc, Yes the others are right you really need to go to your doctor as they will need to rule out certain other conditions that could be causing your problems. Your GP will also be able to give you some advice and help on managing your symptoms. Good luck! All best wishes to you. Jane x


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