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No need to state the obvious but for those not in the loop still not slept since well since Tuesday

No need to state the obvious but for those not in the loop still not slept since well since Tuesday

Ih peeps forgive any spelling mistakes as am whacked out totaly worn-out for thosev who like me have trouble deciphering words sometimes.

For those not inthe loop I am totaly whacked because I went for a breast scan on Tuesday not that tiring some of you say, well my lovely and long suffering hubby took me to the hospital in the car, I then trundled along to women's services to mammogram dept booked in an waited till I was called still no reason to be in the condition I claim to be, I was called to the women's only waiting area I thought won't be long now I'll stay sat on my scooter rather than struggle on to a chair only to be called in a few minutes, after a few more minutes a lovely polite nurse came to to tell me they were running a bit late and that other women would be going in before me as they were having different things done and I was only having a scan, so I duly waited still not struggling on to a chair as knowing my luck I would just get on the chair for them to call me through, so was well behaved didn't kickup a fuss even though it felt like I had red hot claws digging in my back and hips, then when I was about to say f*** it and struggle on to a proper chair just like I thought it would I was finally called in for my scan, no apology for making me wait so long, I followed the nurse to the examination room, I was asked if I would be able to leave my scooter out side the room and walk to the bench they are not couches couches are comfy to which I said no I had been sat so long my joints had gone stiff, once inside the torture chamber, I was asked if I required assistance getting undressed I said yes I needed help removing my clothing I got none, was asked I would need help getting on the bench I said yes I got none, I then had to turn onto my right side which was not only difficult I again received no help it is extremely painful particularly in my hip and shoulder although the exam was very short it was excruciatingly painful, when all was done no help from the nurse in the cleaning off the gel they probably have a valid reason for not helping with the cleanup but some folk can't manage on their own I have trouble getting my right arm to reach over to my left armpit so I took some time in getting cleaned up I felt sorry for the women still waiting but I can only go as fast as I go no point in trying to rush me plus I'd been sat waiting the longest so I took what time I needed plus I was stiff so that made me even slower finally clean, it was time to put my clothes on this would be fun not, I did not expect any nor did I receive any help to get dressed, but she did catch me as I fell face first towards the floor as I was getting of the bench as it was to high, I had to sort of hop and jump at the same time to get off it, as I was leaving the waiting area I said I'm free, I was begining to think I was going to take up permanent residents there as it had taken so much time when my hubby saw me he said at last, my appointment was for 2.45pm I spent 2hours waiting maybe 10or15 minutes having the exam it may have been less but it felt a ruddy darn site longer like I'd been in half an hour or more they say pain makes time feel stretched out.

I have been I agony since then I have been stuck in bed and am now taking my( ouromoph) liquid morphine was goin to wean totaly off it I think in an earlier blog I said I had but I havn't fibro fog stikes again, well I'm going to try to get some sleep am getting a headache don't know if its a too tired headache or 1 of our wondrous variety of headaches i-e, normal headache, normal migraine, fibro headache,fibro migraine or a morphine headache or morphine migraine can't win either way still ruddy hurts like mad.

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What a dreadful experience you had Sthandra! My own recent experience of hospitals is that they all seem to be understaffed and although the nurses would like to spend more time assisting us, they are trying to look after too many people that some get neglected as you clearly were.I do hope that you are feeling a bit better by now and that your headache didn't turn into a migraine. All best wishes. Jane x


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