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Oooh Relationships

well ok i am about to become divorced after 10 yrs of marriage. i went on internet dating back in june and met a VERY nice fella, weget on well, we live 25 miles ish apart and see each other maybe once every 2 weeks which suits me but i am finding that just maintaining a relationship is such hard work with fobro and m.e. luckily he is fine about it and doesnt expect me to go running lol or anything but i still feel that i try so hard to be "normal" that for days after i am in agony!!!!

anyone else started a relationship after having fibro? anyone had these problems and if so did it get better or how did you make it better?

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Yes I started a relationship 19 years ago we have now been married 17 years.

I also started with the dreaded fibro at the same time also got a very fast diagnoses , well back to relationships as I have said I started in a relationship 19 years ago with a very nice man, I also had 3 small daughters my eldest lived with her father the others lived with me hope this gives you some hope for the future big gentle hugs Sithy


I think everyone wether they have fibro or not tend to try a little too hard to impress at the begining of a new relationship. Hopefully as you get to know and trust each other you can relax and be yourself. Wishing you lots of luck in your new romance :-)

Dixie xx


Be yourself, be honest and enjoy every step of the way, a new relationship is always so exciting! Hope it all works out well for you! :) xx


I did too - met my man last October. I am very honest with him and don't hide it - as he pointed out, how can he possibly hope to understand the pain and discomfort if I'm constantly acting as though I'm fine! I've actually found it easier as he's only ever known me like this, so doesn't have the 'old me' to compare to. Just be really honest and also remember it'll be difficult for him too. Good luck!


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