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M yhead is on backwards, it's taken me ages to post just a few replies, aplogies to those missed so far. I can't type straight, I keep jumbling words, missing the space bar etc. My body feels relatively ok, it's my head that is styffed with straw!

Still, suppose I should be gratefull for antyhing in it today!

Loving the sunshine though, hugs to all and apologies for any eyes I accidently poke out instead!(((((((((((())))))))))))

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Don't worry at all Potty, it's all fine! I am having one of those days too, I've been wurzled too! I think VG has too! ;) We can all be wurzled together today and yes thank goodness for some sunshine! It is cold though here! :)

(((hug))) xx


Know that feeling...or is it cos me is 61!...:-(...xx


All together now

Oh Oive got a brand new combine harvester and Oi'll give you the key

(cos I'll never get in with fibromyalgia so not much use to me!

I asked my partner to put the Ben out instead of the bin. He said who's Ben?


LOL!!!!!!! Love the song!! Wurzled...what a great description :D xx




Wurzeled wurzeled.... What a cheek you should know by now I am just like aunt Sally , head made of solid wood....ummmmmm . No no no I mean slim and attractive with bright red rouged cheeks.... Oh eck I seem to have rouged the wrong cheeks today..... Shuffles off singing I,ve got 50 acres and you,ve got 43, ohhhh great now that song is stuck in my head...

VG xx


. . . . and I'll give you the key dum de dum, who started this VG, can't stop singing it now! lol! ;) :P


Looks innocent then snitches on stormwytch ;)

Hugs storm and everyone who posted on here I love a silly thread :)

VG x


Pffft, that's me silly rather than Sally;)) Yep, my great uncle had a combine 'arvester, we used to ride on it as kids, 'e were dead proud of it, so 'e woz.

Myrtil, you can remember yer age?!!

Rouged cheeks would mean splinters 'ere!

As fer Ben, he's the other half of Bill, I'm more of a Littil Weeee'd fan myself, Bill an' Ben woz cracked!


Thanks guys you've realy made my day my dad used to have that song on record and he was forever playing it when I was small so here I am stuck in bed with a great big grin plastered on my face, it wood be nice to be wurzle gumige or aunt sally just think of it no pain lol. Silly. Oops Sithy


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